md_coolattaWhile CT was enjoying The Thirst Avenger yesterday, I too was making my way to a local Dunkin Donuts to enjoy a Coolatta. Though instead of three flavors, I was in search of only one: Mountain Dew. I haven’t seen much special marketing for the Mountain Dew Coolatta, but I heard it mentioned on a DD radio spot and the concept alone was enough to sell me. If an icy treat based on Mountain Dew syrup doesn’t sound good to you, then you may be reading the wrong blog.


Thankfully the drink met my high expectations. The neon color, flavor, and inherent smoothness of Dew all translated perfectly to slushy form. Dunkin Donuts also deserves credit for their Coolatta machines which always seem to produce a consistent blend of ice and flavor. I have never ended up with a chunk of flavorless ice at the bottom of a Coolatta cup. Better living through science, indeed.


Like CT, I give a thumbs up to my Coolatta experience. Mountain Dew fans should definitely add this to their list of summertime treats.