Okay, this is technically not called “The Thirst Avenger,” but Dunkin Donuts missed out on a really apropos name for any one of their new Captain America: The First Avenger-themed drinks.

Over the past few years, very few super hero themed food products have grabbed my attention. The Hostess cakes that I chose for my Atomic Picks last Fall did. Before that, nothing really has since the first Spider-Man movie came out and I was feeling the Spider-Mania. But Dunkin Donuts has done two really cool things with the Captain America license.

First, this commercial advertising the Captain America Cherry Coolatta actually made me laugh. I thought it was pretty well done.

Still, for as much as I enjoyed the commercial, it didn’t get me to rush out to Dunkin Donuts for what appeared to be a glorified Slurpee. What did get me to rush to DD was a review of the Tri Cup Coolatta at X-Entertainment. This drink looked impressive to me. The cup, split into three sections, housed a cherry, blue raspberry, and vanilla bean Coolatta flavors each.

(As an aside, this should be a testament to the power of social media and blogging. Traditional media certainly gets the word out and awareness, but people are looking for real-life testimonials about products and services. Some companies are aware of this, but more need to be. And if any companies would like for Nerd Lunch to get the word out about their product or service, feel free to contact us and we’ll consider it.)

My one regret was not grabbing three straws and attempting to drink all three flavors at once, but I actually don’t think they would have been all that great together. Each flavor was good, but the Vanilla Bean was by far the best. And these were all on a level above Slurpees or other convenient store frozen drinks. This was prepared on the spot and not just pumped out of some machine.

My hope for this drink was not just for a tasty refreshing tri-flavored drink, but also for a sturdy, keepsake novelty cup decorated with pictures of Captain America. My fear would be that the cup would not be sturdy and be something easily torn up and not worth keeping. My hopes came true! This cup is awesome and I will be hanging onto this cup for as long as possible. Especially considering the price of this thing.*

Yes, the price. I am not one who spends lots of money on fancy drinks. Because of the novelty of this drink, I was expecting to pay more than I really would like. I was not anticipating the $5+ price tag on this baby. I almost backed down, but three words inspired me to get it anyway…”for the blog.”

At the end of the day, do I recommend the Captain America Tri-cup Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts? Sure. If you like Cap and tasty frozen drinks and don’t mind dropping the fiver it’s going to take to get one, pick it up. If none of those things appeal to you, maybe just grab the Captain America Stars & Stripes Donut instead.

And hey, Dunkin Donuts, if you’re reading this, let me know if you have any other thirst avenging drinks you’d like me to try.

* I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with this cup yet, but I am making plans to get some Code Red, Voltage, and White Out Mountain Dew and treat myself to a “Red White and Dew” drink someday.