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(Nerd) Lunch Special: The Old Fashioned House Burger

My wife and I recently took a day trip to Madison, Wisconsin. While Madison is a great place to visit in general, one element I need for a satisfactory road trip is quality eats (hossin’ as we say around here). My online scouting for a lunch spot led me to The Old Fashioned tavern and restaurant downtown on Capitol Square. I was not disappointed.


The lunch menu at The Old Fashioned features a variety of fantastic sounding sandwiches. I thought it would be difficult to settle on an order because of that, but when I came across item #30 the choice became clear.

House Burger

No. 30
The Old Fashioned House Burger-grilled over a live fire and topped with fried onions, Bavaria’s hickory-smoked bacon, aged Cheddar, garlic sauce and a soft-cooked egg on a buttered and toasted roll

I had never tried a burger topped with fried egg, but whom am I to argue with a thumbs up from our buddy Nick at DudeFoods? Nick is right, the burger and egg are a great combination. The House Burger’s bacon slices, cheddar, and garlic sauce all complimented the beef and runny yolk perfectly. The french fries did not live up to the burger, so next time I’ll pre-book double bypass surgery and spring for the fried cheese curds on the side.


Of course, I may have to time my next visit to The Old Fashioned for brunch instead so I can try their bratwurst eggs benedict. It may be good for my health that I’m only a visitor to Madison rather than a resident.

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  1. Jack February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Yeah, buddy! Every little roadhouse has one of these exclusives, and as a general rule, they all have something that makes them, if not great, then excellent. My love for these things is one reason I weigh 240, and my Shaolin-grade discipline in avoiding them is why I haven't cracked 300. Think I put on a pound just looking at that picture; good stuff!

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