The “Are You a Marvel or DC” post card fun will be coming to a close soon. I have one DC card left up for grabs and four Marvel cards, only one of which is any good. Please email me at ct [AT SYMBOL] if you want one.

In the meantime, here are three more fans who sent in pictures. Last time we had all DCs. Today, we have all Marvels.

Cordy was nice enough to join us for episode 6 of the Nerd Lunch Podcast and before that, wrote some blog posts for us. Cordy and our fellow blogger, PLee were pals in college. In this picture, I sort of worry that Cordy might possibly be Galactus without the giant head gear.

Vince is a huge fan of dental care and facial hair. I had the pleasure of meeting Vince in person almost a year ago. We had a little gag planned for episode 1 of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series where Savannah was going to fall into the comic art and interact with the characters. One of the characters is actually based on Vince and he met up with me to record the audio for that never to be completed scene.

I’m pretty sure Mike is a friend of our buddy Pax. He also likes to hold tacos hostage if they don’t meet his demands for more pictures of Iron Man. Fortunately for Taco Girl, my post card arrived just in time.