Last fall, we got a pretty decent coupon for Burger King. For one cent less than $10, we got:

  • 1 Whopper
  • 1 Whopper, Jr.
  • 10 piece chicken tenders
  • 3 small fries
  • 3 small drinks
  • 2 pies

Pretty good deal that fed our family quite nicely. After the coupon expired, they brought it back as a regular promotion but changed a few of the items. They dropped the chicken, pies, one of the fries, and one of the drinks and replaced them with a kid’s meal. Not horrible bad trade. That would have still worked for us although we might have had to supplement a little bit. And by not getting pies, it would have meant no one fought about pies.

I don’t think this promotion is going on right now, but let me belatedly applaud BK for this promotion. Jeeg mentioned on the podcast a few weeks ago about the dwindling fast food deals like this. I like the idea of buying a big sack of food and feeding my entire family for around $10. It’s why we go to Taco Bell so often.

The only downside is the fries. While I like Whoppers and their inexplicably good chicken sandwich, I’ve not ever been a big fan of their fries. BK has changed out their fries recently for a thicker cut. I was hoping this would translate to a new flavor, but it’s just a thicker version of the same-tastin’ fries. If you’re stuck paying full price for a side at BK, I still recommend going with the onion rings.

Perhaps next time I post about Burger King, I will be reviewing what I think of their delivery service.