A few weeks ago, I offered to send post cards to readers of this blog. All I asked in return was that you would send me back a picture with you and your card. Today, I feature three more who have done just that.
[Note: I do have some remaining cards. Email me if you are interested in one. No guarantee that you’ll get the company that you want at this point.]

Jack is one of our favorite readers of this blog and stumbled upon us a little over a year ago. Since then, he’s been one of our biggest commenters and always offers insights and encouragement to us. Being that he served in the Navy, I sent him a Sub-mariner card. You can find Jack over at Jack’s Hideout.

I met MonkeyJedi through Twitter. He runs a blog/review site over at http://geekhash.blogspot.com. Definitely worth checking out. Lots of great tips for things to check out and even ways of landing some of those things on the cheap.

What is there to say about Rob? Absolutely nothing. But I’ll try anyway. I found Rob through Twitter via Marvel’s Senior Art Director Jeff Suter. We were both listed in a “Follow Friday” one day and I decided to see what this @Spidey004 guy was all about. And I have never regretted an action in my life more. In all seriousness, he’s hilarious and it is my secret hope to have him on our podcast some day.