A few weeks ago, I offered to send post cards to readers of this blog. All I asked in return was that you would send me back a picture with you and your card. Today, I feature three more who have done just that. Today’s post features two of the four Atomic Geeks and another fine fellow I’ve met because of the Geeks.

Christian sent in two pictures. I debated trying to just run the one with his daughter and cropping him out but decided against that. Christian can be briefly heard on the tenth episode of the Nerd Lunch Podcast.

Michael “DiGio” DiGiovanni has professed to be a huge fan of Green Lantern on the podcast so a GL card was a must for him. DiGio can be heard on…oh wait…that hasn’t happened yet…

Chris Lockhart is a fellow fan of the Atomic Geeks and has also been listening to the Nerd Lunch podcast quite a bit as well. He’s a huge Star Trek fan as well. He’s had the opportunity to meet a couple of my favorite Trek actors and you can read more about him and his encounters with those celebrities here.