Mezzo Mix CanTo wash down my döner kebab lunch when I was in Germany, I chose another local specialty:  Mezzo Mix. Mezzo Mix is the Coca-Cola branded version of Spezi which is described as a mix of cola and orange soda. Based on that description and what I heard from Pax and Shawn on Episode 19 of our podcast, I expected a suicide style mix of orange soda and cola. However, Mezzo Mix reminded me more of Coca-Cola with Lime featuring an artificial tasting citrus flavor layered on top of Coke. It wasn’t terrible, but I’d just a soon have a regular Coke.


I haven’t tried it, but the closest thing to Mezzo Mix in the US right now may be the Orange Coke you can get out of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Any intrepid Freestyle explorers care to report whether the Freestyle produces an orange flavored Coke or actual Coke-Fanta suicide?