rr_cola_smallListeners of our podcast will know that back in episode 19 we talked about soda/pop with Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s. After taping the show, Shawn sent each of us a care package of several sodas including a bottle of the Red Rock Cola he mentioned in the episode.


Given Shawn’s praise, I went for the bottle of Red Rock immediately and I was not disappointed. It really does bridge the gap between Coke and Pepsi. Some of the bite and more complex notes are in there, but it tastes sweeter and smoother than Coca-Cola. Right down to the retro labeling and glass bottle, it’s a great combination.


I could easily see Red Rock making it into my rotation of favorites alongside Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and stalwart old Coke… if I could find it. Sources have told this reporter that the formulation rights for Red Rock are held by a food technology company in Indianapolis with manufacturing done a by a few distributors around the country. I have yet to find a source for Red Rock in my part of Chicagoland, but the hunt will continue. If nothing else, I’ll have to plan a side excursion to Homer Soda Company during my next visit back to Central Illinois and load up the trunk of my car.