Dear Nerd Lunch,

Where to begin?
Superman has his Fortress of Solitude. I have you. Sure, I have a family, church, job, and recently school. But with all those things, it’s not easy for me to get away and run off to a physical location where I can surround myself with my nerdin’ activities. With you, I have a place to go and be a bit nerdy (even if you are not an actual place). Although, that’s not what you are about.
Through you, I have been able to document and share my ideas for the past five years on various topics. That may not always be a good thing, but I like the idea of my words out there even if they are just floating around in space like a Star Wars opening crawl. Still, while I like looking back on the things I’ve said, that’s not what you are about.
When you were conceptualized, I had no idea what you could grow to be. And in your growth, I grew, too. You started out a blog, but in pushing you to be more, we did videos together, I made funny Photoshop pictures for you, started an audio podcast with you, and to promote all of that I delved into social media. You have given me a platform to expand my skill set and do some truly creative work that I am proud of in spite of the fact that I am usually my own worst critic. While I have honed my skills, that’s not what you are about.
I look at your stats. You don’t have a huge amount of traffic. You don’t get a ton of comments on each post. I know that your reach isn’t as far and wide as I might like it to be at times. Do I wish more people read your posts and listened to your podcast episodes? On some level…yes. Do I wish that more people watched The Web Series? Certainly. Although my enjoyment of you is not based on your reach because that’s not what you are about.
What are you about?
I am lucky to have the long-time, strong friendships in Jeeg and PLee. When we started started you, it was to help me keep in touch with them, two friends that I no longer got to see in person nearly enough. But in the last five years, much to my surprise, the focus widened. Mostly because of social media, but also because of “random” clicking on “next blog” buttons or word of mouth. So suddenly I’m hanging out on Skype with four guys up in Canada, I’m running around town shooting video projects with a relative newcomer to town, I’m sitting around every Tuesday night talking to fellow bloggers and podcasters from all over the continent (some I have never even met in person and likely never will!), and I’m hanging out on Twitter with anyone and everyone cracking jokes and having conversations–things I likely would not…or even could not have done five years ago.
The great Doctor Buckaroo Banzai once said, “the world is full of friends we’ve never met.” Nerd Lunch, you’ve helped me uncover those friends and in turn you’ve helped make me a better person. That’s what you’re about.
Thanks for the last five years. I look forward to many more and seeing who else you bring into my life.
Happy birthday.
Yours truly,
Carlin “CT” Trammel