Dear Nerd Lunch,
Sup, bro?  How you doin’?  What did you say?  You’re 5 years old?  Wow, that’s crazy. Time flies.  I remember when I first met you.
I first discovered you in early 2011.  Your funky attitude about pop culture and hossin’ (good eatin’) drew me back to you again and again.  You covered pop culture subjects right along my interests.  And you were funny.  So funny.  I enjoyed reading you on a semi-regular basis whenever CT or Jeeg decided to post.
Then in the summer of 2011, we were finally able to meet face-to-face.  That historic first meeting in the dusty ridiculousness that was the Tallahassee Auto Museum would shake the foundations of pop culture nostalgia to the core.  We would discuss many aspects of our favorite movies, TV shows, movies, comics and cars and then seal the deal with the only thing that could properly mark the occasion.  A KFC Double Down Sandwich and the largest f**king soda I’ve ever had in my entire life.  I could seriously have bathed in it.  We walked away from that historic meeting not only full in our bellies with chicken, cheese and soda, but full in our heads of dreams.  Dreams of the future as at this summit we started discussing the beginnings of what would become the Nerd Lunch podcast. The rest, as regular people say, is history.

It has been my sincerest honor to be an “unofficial” part of the Nerd Lunch family for the last year or so.  It was also my sincerest honor to accompany you on that roadtrip to Amsterdam.  And don’t worry, I will consider it my privilege to take the burial location of that dead prostitute, the seven bags of Dutch gold coins and the video footage of that “donkey show” you participated in to my grave.  No one will ever know about that Guinan lower back tattoo or the old lady you straight up punched in the face for saying that Deep Space Nine was derivative sci-fi.  It’s those times that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives…without telling anyone else anything about them.

So, it’s your 5th birthday, Nerd Lunch. Enjoy yourself.  You’ve earned it.

Your awesomest friend,