One more for the road...As I mentioned recently on the podcast, I followed through on my promise to have one last meal at Burger King. I thought I at least owed The King this “Dear John” post.


I never thought it would come to this. Sure I’ve been down this road before with Taco Bell, but that was different. Taco Bell and my digestive tract never got along and in 2001 I finally decided that the pleasures of the Baja Gordita weren’t worth the pain. There have been times when I have been tempted by The Bell, but never enough to return. Now my middle aged gut has betrayed me and we also must part ways, Burger King.


For our last dance I chose a Double Whopper combo meal and two Zantac 75 tablets. While it wasn’t the best Whopper I’ve ever had, I still found myself getting a little wistful. BK was the go-to fast food place for CT and me during our college years and the Whopper probably symbolizes our hossin’ experiences as much as anything except Mountain Dew. Sadly the nostalgia is more powerful than what I might miss about BK going forward. The Whopper and Croissan’Wich are the only items on the BK menu that appeal to me and with recent changes mostly aping McDonalds, it seems unlikely that would change in the near future.


Sorry, King. I’ll always treasure those times we had together, it’s time for both of us to move on.