© Scott Holstein
© Scott Holstein

I recently had the opportunity to help Scott Holstein out on a project of his. You may recognize the name as the guy who was the videographer for our short-lived Web Series. Scott is an established still photographer and is quite good. The concept for this project was to re-do the character of Rambo as a female hero. The final outcome in the “Rambabe” project was two still photos and a behind-the-scenes video shot and chopped by yours truly.

I’m surprised that something like this didn’t happen on an official level at the height of Rambo’s popularity in the 80s. After the first two movies, there was a cartoon, toy line, and several other pieces of merchandise. A lot of that was short-lived, but if the Rambo wave of popularity had continued, it’s possible he would have had his very own “Supergirl/She-Ra/Red Sonja” type character introduced somewhere in the mythos.

Check out Scott’s blog for more on the project.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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  1. Paxton February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Another case in point is that movie Salt. Jolie was BAD ASS in that movie. I'd love to see more movies like that with women as Bourne-like super spies.

    But I kind of see your point with females as bad ass soldiers. If done right, it could be good, but I bet it would be an uphill battle to have that movie accepted by men.

  2. CT February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Great points, Jack. Pushing papers and pixels can lack a certain rewarding feeling. I know that I enjoy watching movies to live vicariously through the characters. There's no way I could be James Bond for real, but I'll sure watch him do things and pretend I'm James Bond for two hours.

    Unfortunately, a lot of guys don't like to see female stars take that attention. And while I would agree that certain characters need to remain male (the aforementioned James Bond for example), I'm all for female action stars and wish they were more successful. Haywire, which came out earlier this year, is a very fun action movie with a female lead. We need more movies like that where girls are kicking tails and taking names.

    Sadly, for every Haywire, there are two Elektras. And a lousy movie like that doesn't help the plight for strong female action star movies.

  3. Jack February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    The most "macho" thing that most modern guys do is go to the gym. Not their fault, it's the way society is structured. This may be fetish fuel for a lot of guys, but they by and large aren't willing to see a woman doing something like this, and competently, when their own life consists of moving papers from inbox to outbox. They're perfectly acceptable as supporting characters (Cat Woman, Batgirl, the Black Widow), as long as there is a more capable male to remind you that she's just dabbling in it, but never as the lead. Women would probably support a character like this, but the only way most women would go to movie like this is to reciprocate for her BF taking her to Sleepless in Seattle, or some such; they have to market to guys, and guys ain't havin' it! Of course, there's the exception here and there, and Tomb Raider comes to mind, but that had a built in audience of guys who had already accepted that character through the video games; even Supergirl couldn't cut it…

  4. Paxton February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    That is amazing that this concept has not really been done. Except for that GI Jane crapfest with Demi Moore.

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