This week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenge is:

You’ve been hired to program the ultimate Saturday morning experience for kids across the nation–create your own ideal Saturday morning cartoon schedule.

Well, I’m not sure I’ll quite come up with something that all kids across the nation will like, but it’s something I’ll sure like. I’ve poured through a few of my favorite artist blogs (a lot from Planet-Pulp) and found inspiration in their work. Sometimes I’ve assigned a property I’d like to see translated as a cartoon and other times I’ve decided I’d like to see their own creations translated to the small screen. These are all new shows, rather than making the line up with existing shows because quite frankly most of the existing shows I want to see are already on DVD. Even stuff that has been in cartoon before will be a reboot. So, without further adieu, here’s the perfect line up on CT-TV…

6:00 am – Wookiee the Chew
Based on the book written and illustrated by James Hance, this Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars mashup is the perfect way to start the morning. I hesitated suggesting this at first because the legal work to get this made would have to be a nightmare. But then I figured…why not? This isn’t about reality. This show would be a hoot to watch.

James Hance

6:30 am – Bone
Last summer my daughter and I read through all of the Bone comics. This is a tale that practically begs to be brought to life in animation form. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. There’s talk of movies, but I think a 65-episode series is where this thing needs to go. “andrewkful” on YouTube has put together a little clip of what this thing could look like.

7:00 am – Space Ghost
It’s time for a non-comedic version of this character to return to our screens. In fact, it already did all too briefly in a pre-opening sequence on Batman: Brave and the Bold. I’ve spoken of my love for this character before. What more explanation do you want? The guys that made this clip need to make full episodes now!

7:30 am – The Princess Bride
This is another one that I hesitate bringing up because I think the movie is perfect and needs no sequel. But sometimes these animated series are surprising because they aren’t constrained to the two hour format of telling a new, different and complete story. So seeing Wesley, Buttercup, and co. riding around the world interacting with new bad guys and fiends could actually be fun to watch in cartoon form. Aaron Bouthillier’s style looks great for this.

Aaron Bouthillier

8:00 am – The Man With No Name
This one might be my most far-fetched idea because I’m not sure if westerns have ever worked in animation. But when I saw this piece by Timothy Anderson, I thought it might be worth giving it a shot. There has been a Man With No Name comic series from Dynamite so maybe some story inspiration can be drawn from there.

Timothy Anderson

8:30 am – The Rocketeer
I’ve got to admit that I’m torn on this one. I want a Rocketeer cartoon for sure, but the style can be any number of things. Maybe the route to go on this is the same as what they are doing for the comic and just tell a bunch of different short stories in various styles. There are a few styles worth mentioning and any one of these could work for a whole series. First, artist Des Taylor has done some great commission work of The Rocketeer. Sign me up for some more of his stuff (more on him next).

Des Taylor

There’s another art style I came across years ago but I no longer have record of who the artist is. If anyone knows, please tell me.

Artist Unknown

And finally, there was a short film made not too long ago done in a “Pixar” style (or so it was called) and while I don’t think it’s 100% there, I’d dig it for an anthology-type series.

9:00 am – Eva Strongbird and the Marine
Having just mentioned Des Taylor, I’d like to see this series of his explored in animation form. I don’t even really know what it’s about, but it looks awesome. He recently blogged about meeting animator Rob Pratt and they talked about moving forward on this concept. Well, on my fictional Saturday morning line up, this show has a home. (By the way, Des Taylor’s art is fantastic and I’d love to see any of his projects in animated form someday.)

Des Taylor
Des Taylor

9:30 am – Team Omega
I’m hazy on what the deal is here. This is from artist Kris Anka, but what the overall story is, I don’t know. I really liked the Team Omega pieces, but they may be a part of a bigger story called The Forgotten. Either way, this stuff looks cool and it needs to get on my TV screen.

Kris Anka
Kris Anka

10:00 am – Predator
In the tradition of seeing Rated R movies become cartoons (something you can read more about with an article by Shawn Robare in the upcoming Strange Kids Comix Anthology #3), I sort of wondered why Predator never got a cartoon. In a sense, it might be a one-trick pony and not really merit more story if the sequels have shown us anything. But then again, the comics have been pretty successful, so why not? I really liked this piece by Jeff Agala and figure it would make the great basis for the animation style for the show.

Jeff Agala

10:30 am – GrindBots
This is another one where I really have no idea what this story is about or if it would work in a cartoon format. In fact, based on the artwork on DeviantArt, I daresay this would need to be toned down quite a bit for the Saturday morning crowd. But I love the art style. What I’m seeing makes me want more. Brett Parson is welcome to work on expanding this into a 13 or 26 episode series as far as I’m concerned.

Brett Parson

One I didn’t mention but covered before is Thundarr the Barbarian. I’ve got my aforementioned reboot waiting in the queue for whenever one of the above show’s ratings slip and has to be pulled (yeah, I agree…probably the Man With No Name).

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