A long, long time ago, I offered to send post cards to readers of this blog. All I asked in return was that you would send me back a picture with you and your card. Today, I feature the final four who have done just that. This post features Pax and three others who I’m proud to say are regulars on the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Great way to end this long-running series.

Pax from the Cavalcade of Awesome requested a card as well. He’s a big fan of the Flash so that’s what I sent him.

Shawn from Brandedinthe80s.com is the guy who inspired me to do this little project. He was the first to request a card and here he is with his Hulk post card.

Here is Robert from To The Escape Hatch eating whilst reading his Spider-Woman card.
Finally, Jay from The Sexy Armpit sent his photo in at the last minute. Here he is excited about his Plastic Man card.
This was fun gentle reader. Sorry for dragging this out so long. Maybe we’ll do this again some day.