I recently had the opportunity to review Kill All Monsters by Michael May (who sat in our Fourth Chair back on episode 70 of our podcast) and Jason Copland.

At its core, this is a comic book about the world being taken over by giant monsters and humans must pilot giant robots to fight said monsters. The review could end here and I think I would have done a good job selling it. But let me elaborate a bit further.

This is no schlocky Power Rangers rip-off. One could draw comparisons as has been the case with the upcoming Pacific Rim film coming out this summer. May and Copland have done a great job painting a picture of a world that’s over run with these creatures. The opening scene shows the main characters landing in Paris for some cleansing. We come to find out they have no sense of what is happening in the world and this adventure is an excursion to investigate the status of Earth. Things are not pretty. The world resembles something like you might see in a Thundarr the Barbarian cartoon episode, a mix of 20th/21st Century tech in ruins with savages and monsters everywhere.

While May has done a great job at setting that scope, fleshing out the characters, and delivering the dialog, Copland balances that with dynamic, two-tone art. It’s got a grittiness to it that is needed, but still clean enough to be able to tell what’s going on. The action scenes come across well and Copland is able to display the weight needed to show these are behemoths battling over the city.

This was just volume 1 of what could be many more volumes. As of the time of this writing, there is a Kickstarter for this project, but by the time this posts, the project may be completely funded. Don’t let that stop you if it’s still going. This is a great project that you’ll be glad you backed.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out this comic. Visit their site for more information and tell them Nerd Lunch sent you!