Yesterday we posted a new podcast where we talked all about G.I. Joe action figures. I didn’t get into this on the show, but thought I’d do a quick blog post talking about the “J.C. Joe” plan.

I had a fair amount of Joe action figures and vehicles, but not all of them. And I was never going to get all of them. But, during the height of my collecting, a friend and I realized that if we joined forces and were strategic about what we asked for, we could maximize the number of characters we would have access to when we got together to play. Thus started the “J.C. Joe Plan.” This was named after us, John and Carlin.

Unfortunately, I have no record of the plan but my recollection is that we split the character assignments in half. He would seek out about half the characters, focusing primarily on Joes (with some Cobra mixed in) and I would seek out about the other half, focusing primarily on Cobra (with some Joes mixed in). I’m sure a fair amount of notebook paper went to mapping this all out.

It was a great idea in theory, although I do recall some frustration on each of our parts when the other person didn’t go exactly by the plan. And I don’t remember how often we actually got together with our entire collections. Maybe once? Twice?

As a collector though, it made the ever-growing offerings from Hasbro seem more manageable. Trying to get 10-15 new figures a year instead of 20-30 was a lot more achievable. And the plan itself was enjoyable. Just updating the other person about what we got and what was available seemed to be a big part of the fun.

Not too long ago, John sent me a letter in the mail and in the envelope was a note I had given him 25 years ago that he had kept. I was updating him about which figures I had recently gotten, was filling him in on some sort of mail-in offer I got word about, and threw in a mention at the end that I wanted to get Falcon (because like Shawn said, berets are cool).

Pretty soon after the plan was instituted, I got out of collecting Joes and went on an action figure hiatus for a few years.

And by the way, I never did get a Falcon.