Recently on the podcast, we did a show all about board games. One of our listeners, Graham Crouse, reached out to us on Facebook to tell us about a board game that he crafted to play with his son. I thought it was so awesome, I asked if he’d be willing to let us share it on the blog. So, here it is! —CT

My six year-old son and I enjoy playing board games together.

Before Christmas, I was looking for a Doctor Who themed game to get for my son. As a good geek dad I’m hoping that I can encourage him to share some of my interests. I couldn’t really find anything suitable for a 6 year old. Most Doctor Who themed games seem to require a vast knowledge of the show’s details, which really isn’t appropriate.

So I decided to make a game. I based it on snakes and ladders and called it Doctors and Monsters. The Doctors would be the ladders that take you up and the villians are the snakes that take you down.

The game is two sided with the Classic series on one side and the Current series on the other. On side one, the players race for Captain Jack’s Time Manipulator and the Tardis is the finish line on side two. When the first player gets to the Time Manipulator, the board flips over.

I wanted to make the game a way for my son to learn more about the show, so I added images of Companions stuck in the Time Scoop here and there on the board. When you land on these spaces, the player draws a Companion Card, which has information on something that Companion had done in the show. The player also has to roll the die to either move spaces forward or back. Since my son really likes the Get out of Jail Free card in Monopoly, I made a few cards that allow the player to keep the card and use it to move forward anytime.

For play pieces, I bought the set of 11 mini Doctors and a multi-sided die to roll to move (got a 12 sided die since I thought he would think it’s cool – blue of course).

We have been enjoying the game. Thanks for letting me share.