I was recently contacted by Gregg Schigiel, someone I worked with during my brief stint at Marvel, to see if I was interested in taking a look at his new comic book, Pix. Targeted towards an audience that my daughter fits in, I decided to let Annaliese handle the reviewing duties on this book. Below is her review.

Come back tomorrow for a special extra helping of the Nerd Lunch Podcast where I got the chance to speak with Gregg more in detail about this and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Warning, this review does contain some spoilers.

Pix Blog for Nerd Lunch
by Annaliese Trammel

When dad first showed me the Pix comic I said,”Oh!” and my eyes got wide. Dad, slightly frustrated because I interrupted him, said I have never seen this before and then told me more about the comic that he wanted me to read. I let him finish then I went to my comic book app and chose my G-man comic with the Pix short to show him that I had read Pix before. We all laughed and I started reading.

Pix is about a girl who has super powers. She can fly and she’s super strong and more durable than she looks. In this comic she gets in and out of a lot of jams. She starts out saving a school bus full of children. Thats how she became famous. She goes on to National TV and talks about herself. Soon a famous TV star joins the set to add to the conversation but the tech goes haywire and Pix has to save everyone. Because of that, Luke Felix (the TV star) asks her out.

A lot happens after that. From there, Pix gets into all sorts of adventures. She gets shrunk, fights monsters and dragons, has to find a missing friend, and meets a prince (after that there’s more fighting).

I think Pix is a great comic. I would definitely want to see more of this. I would have liked a little more detail with what happened to the bus. I also would have liked more back story on the prince she meets and his uncle. But otherwise Pix is fine as it is. I hope many people read this and agree with me.


You can learn more about Gregg at Hatter Entertainment. Learn about Pix by visiting PixComic.com. Contact your local comic store and ask them to order item code DEC141546. Or, order it from Amazon.