I’ve been stewing over the idea of updating the logo and Nerd Lunch brand for some time, but just hadn’t given it any time. Then one day I sat down at my computer to do something else and next thing I knew, I had knocked out a new brand for Nerd Lunch in the span of a few hours.

The History

When we started the blog, there wasn’t really a logo. I created the Hellboy/Ash/Worf graphic and then we used big block letters that gave the URL. About five years ago, I wanted to do something more official so I developed the logo we’ve been using until now. I really like it, but it has a lot of drawbacks. It’s complex in the number of lines and gradients it uses. It relies too much on a background to properly work. It doesn’t look great in simplified forms such as in smaller graphics, one-color or in embroidery. These were all factors I considered when coming up with the revised brand.

The Progression of the Nerd Lunch Brand (2007-2015)

The new logo uses two colors at it’s base, building on the red and gold used before, but tweaking them further. It has been compared to the look a 50s diner might have or a fast food place. The font is cleaner and bolder.

The Logo and Variations

I wanted there to be a base logo that at the core was “Nerd Lunch” and then anything extra can be tacked on as needed. Currently, that’s simply “.net” and something for the Podcast. Should the Web Series ever return or some other project, then we would create a variation similar to these.

Nerd Lunch Brand Variations

The Fourth Chair Army

One of the greatest things about the podcast is the “ever-rotating Fourth Chair.” We’ve had dozens of guests now on the show and I feel like a community has been building as our guests interact more and more with us and with each other. This badge was created so that those who want to, can share graphically their pride about being part of our show and “The Fourth Chair Army.”

Fourth Chair Army Badge


No merchandise exists yet, but I have dreams of a few items. Namely a T-shirt and pint glass. A few mock-ups have been created including a shirt exclusively for Fourth Chairs, a corny “listening challenge shirt” and a coffee mug. If there’s enough interest, we’ll investigate getting some of this made.

Nerd Lunch Pint Glass and Coffee Mug Mock Up


Nerd Lunch T-Shirt Concepts

There are possibilities for stickers, pins, buttons, magnets, cards, and so on. As with anything, it’s just about finding the most economical way of pulling it off.

We’re very happy with the new brand and hope this lasts us for years to come. Initial feedback on social media has been positive. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts. Let us know what you think.