My dream is coming true and after several long years, Moffat is finally stepping down as Doctor Who show runner. Moffat has about three good stories in him and then he uses them over and over. We’ve got a new Doctor coming, too, as Capaldi will also be stepping down. So here we go. My Doctor Who advice for Chris Chibnall that he probably won’t listen to.

1. Make the stories more plot-driven. Obviously we want to have good solid characters, but I want more effort shown in the plots.

2. Tone down the exploration of The Doctor’s backstory. The Doctor is cooler when we don’t know so much about him.

3. Stop making the companions super heroes. I’ve been all about the strong women characters we’ve seen as the companions, but we saw with Clara a character who became the Doctor. The more amped up you make the companions, the less cool the Doctor is.

4. For that matter, let’s mix up the types of companions. Let’s get some more male companions. Maybe an alien. Or a robot. I mean, I’m not complaining about the young, cute female companions, but we can mix it up now.

5. One more thing about the companions, cut off the emotional ties between the Doctor and the companion(s). Definitely don’t want any hints at romantic interests. We’ve gotten way too close to that with both Rose and Clara. We need that to tone way down and show an aloof Doctor who is glad to have some people along for the ride, but doesn’t show he cares that much.

6. Actually, now that I think about it, let’s have more than one companion and go back to the days of three or four. Eleven did have Rory and Amy, but mostly the new series has only stuck the Doctor with one companion. The old series would have stretches where he’d have up to four people hanging around.

7. Bring back a previous Doctor for a simple, one-off story. At this point, there will be four previous Doctors from this series. McGann could also easily come back. It doesn’t need to be anything huge and event-driven. Something low-key like when the Second and Sixth Doctors met.

8. Take a few minutes when writing scripts and try to tone down the deus ex machina. Maybe even lose the sonic screwdriver (and sunglasses) and see what the Doctor can do without it for a while.

X. If you cast a white male again, you’re going to have a revolt. The precedent has been set within the universe. The Master regenerating into Missy was your major test to see if viewers were ready. Ready or not, let’s see what a female Doctor is like.

9. No matter who you cast, let’s get someone who is relatively unknown and has great screen presence. Much like what we’ve had with the past four incarnations. There are always stunt casting rumors. Hopefully those just stay rumors.

10. Walk away from the fairytale/fantasy approach and go back to solid sci-fi roots. The better episodes are where we get some really cool, hard sci-fi. Even Moffat was at his best when he did straight sci-fi.

11. No River Song. That book was closed and there’s no need to reopen it.

12. Appreciate what Davies and Moffat did from a continuing narrative perspective, but let’s do some solid stand alone episodes and not worry about an end game for the end of the season.

13. Let’s get the show back on a regular schedule. These long gaps between seasons are driving me crazy. I almost forget the show is even on anymore.