I know Pax is a fan, but I’ve never watched Dancing With the Stars. I’m not down on it, I just don’t have any interest in it. Not unless you’re going to incorporate the A-Team or something.

OH WAIT! Guess who was on last night! MR. T!!!

Despite “Mr. T” appearing on the van, I imagine that the actual clip from the dance portion isn’t Mr. T, but rather BA Baracus. It’s a small part of a larger scheme that the A-Team’s current leader Faceman (rest in peace, Hannibal) cooked up to rescue dancer Kym Johnson from an evil cartel leader. Murdock is standing by on the roof of the studio with a chopper.

Oh, and while this is all happening, Col. Lynch is watching on the TV in the nursing home and is freaking out. Sadly the nurses won’t listen to him.

The plan is coming together.