Signing the Cast: A-Team Reboot Movie

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Signing the Cast: A-Team Reboot Movie

The other day on Twitter, I noticed a picture of Brad Pitt from his upcoming film War Machine. With the silver hair, I immediately thought of The A-Team. As I do.

At which point, Pax decided to challenge me with the following:

I’ve done this exercise before, but that was nine years ago. Mel Gibson hadn’t fallen out of favor with the world quite yet and it was before the eventual 2010 film.

Now I hit upon a potential reason we haven’t seen a sequel to The A-Team movie yet:

But probably not…So, anyway, back to my answer to the challenge.

Brad Pitt as Hannibal
Zac Efron as Faceman
Tyron Woodley as BA
Jared Leto as Murdock

What do you think? It’s a “traditional” approach to the cast. Could work.

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  1. Marguerite Freeman July 19, 2017 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    Should be kids of a team except BA had a daughter like Ali’s daughter toughness. That way lots of cameos. They take over for there dads which gets them wanted like there dads! There in there 30’s now. Face’s stepsister helps them who was found from season 5. But make it like the show, not the movie. Wasn’t even close! Best part again, cameos make sense and helps them!

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