Hey! CT here. A couple years ago, I was asked by my friend Gregg Schigiel if I wanted to review his new book, Pix. Turns out that it was a title targeted to pre-teen girls and at the time, I just happened to be the parent of a pre-teen girl and she wrote a review. Though now she’s a teen and not a pre-teen, she jumped at the chance to write up a review of the second book.

Pix: Too Super for School by Gregg Schigiel is an amazing comic book about Pix, a super hero fairy princess. In this volume, Lorne (a character from the first book) enrolls into Pix’s school, causing distress to both Pix and Seth. After her broadcast, telling people about her powers, and about being a fairy princess, people at Pix’s school don’t appreciate her behavior. They don’t believe that she is a fairy or a princess, and they think she is delusional and dangerous. At the beginning, this upsets Pix, but soon she starts to see truth in their words. She thinks that her father really wasn’t a fairy king and that she is a danger to her friends, and decides to stay away from her friends. She stops wearing her costume and using her powers too.

Deciding that that’s not enough, she tries to find some extracurricular activities to occupy herself with, but doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. People pick on her. She meets Izzy, another girl who goes to their school. As they become good friends, Pix grows farther away from Cherry, Reggie, Seth, and Lorne, and they start to worry about her. She isn’t acting like herself and they wonder what’s really going on. Cherry comes up with a plan to convince Pix to come back. There is some drama between Seth, Pix, and Reggie. Over the next few weeks, Cherry and Reggie work on their master plan, their group becomes closer, and Pix grows even farther away. Izzy and Pix decide to go to the prom together, and while they’re there, Pix get a pretty interesting surprise. Her friends show up trying to convince her that being Pix is okay. Pix apologizes to her friends, and everything is good until Lorne’s mother suddenly appears, trying to bring Lorne home. Lorne refuses to come with her, and Pix rushes to help him. Lorne’s mother has magic powers, and she and Pix duke it out. There is more to the story, and it’s great, but I won’t spoil it for you.

This comic was very good. The art is great, and the writing is splendid. I love the plot and the suspense. The resolution is good, but I’m can’t wait to find out what happens next. The worst part about it is that it ends and I don’t have the next book to read. It would have been nice to get in some more super hero-y scenes, or some different fighting scenes like in One Weirdest Weekend, but I understand it didn’t go with the plot very well. It did a good job establishing the new characters and expanding on Lorne and Lorne’s uncle. And it’s interesting to learn more about Lorne and his mother. I like how we learn more about Reggie, Cherry, and Seth. And I love the part where we learn about Pix’s past! (I won’t say any more than that J) I like how Pix: The Most Dangerous Donut is brought back. I only ever read the first part and now I know what happens next! The art definitely changed from the original story, and I like the newer one a lot better.

I really enjoyed this comic and I’m super excited about the next one. I can’t wait until it comes out!

You can learn more about Pix at pixcomic.com.