I like to include an image with each blog post promoting an episode of our podcast. It helps to have an image for social media as both Facebook and Twitter pull in images from the blog to display on the actual social posting. Plus, Instagram is basically a visual social medium so if I’m going to promote the podcast there, I have to have something.

Sometimes we phone it in and just look for a still from the movie we’re talking about or we do some light Photoshop work. Other times, I’ve gone off the deep end and created something from scratch that is completely Nerd Lunch themed.

For the show that dropped earlier this week, we talked about board games that we wanted to turn into movies. So I made a “Nerd Lunch Board Game” graphic.

I found a shot of an old Aggravation game box and modeled this after that. Besides the basic composition, everything was created from scratch. While this is not really a game that I think could effectively played at this point, I wanted a level of authenticity to the image so Jeeg, Pax and I brainstormed ideas for each space on the board and I set that up in Illustrator.

I imagine there are dice, at least four player pieces, the board itself, and two sets of tokens with additional instructions on the back. Because a good chunk of the board got skewed for the box art, I wanted to present the full board here (click it to make it bigger):

We didn’t come up with what would be on the FCCQ tokens or Rabbit Hole tokens other than a couple ideas for the game board that didn’t make the cut:

  • “CT sends post-show notes. Back 2 Spaces.”
  • “Didn’t Put It In The Spreadsheet – Lose a Turn.”

It would need to be developed further to be an actual, playable game, but who wants to give it a shot?