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Riverdale Meets The Punisher

Back in 1994, you couldn’t walk anywhere without tripping over a comic book. They were everywhere and all kinds of ideas were being poured onto paper using the 4-color process. Not only did every obscure character have their own title, but inter-company crossovers became a huge thing. Marvel and DC crossed over for the first time in years. Batman was fighting the Predator. And Archie Andrews met The Punisher.

It often gets made fun of for being an example of a line that comic companies shouldn’t have crossed, but why not? What a fun, out-of-the-box idea. The Punisher agrees to help the government hunt down a drug dealer who resembles Archie. And wacky antics ensue!

We live in an era where you can’t walk anywhere without tripping over a TV show based on a comic. Maybe the next step is crossovers. The CW does it fairly naturally with the DC Comics shows, but maybe it’s time to start doing out of continuity one-offs. With something like Netflix, it would seem like a natural idea.

And with a TV show based on Archie and a TV show based on The Punisher, why not have a TV adaptation of this special?

And we’re going to need some cool promo art for it. The CW has really knocked it out of the park with their DC stuff by creating some classic covers.

So “Riverdale Meets The Punisher” would need some art, too…

So “Riverdale Meets The Punisher” would need some art, too…

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