Nerd Lunch was recently approached by Nerd Roast Coffee Company about reviewing one of their coffees. Jeeg and I are fans of the bean, and we had a discussion about who would take on this task. And I won! But since I had the opportunity to do it, I decided to do it with video to make it a little bit extra special and also to help make up for the wait time on the review as I’ve been traveling some recently.

I chose “Bean Me Up, Scottie” which is a light roast. You can order it as whole bean or ground. Here’s the product description from their website:

Light roast coffee and darker roasted beans offer a great variation in taste, but many prefer Light Roast over all others. The main difference between lighter and darker beans is taste, where the flavor is what changes, not the strength of the coffee. If you want weaker coffee use less coffee grinds in your coffee maker, or vice-versa for strong coffee where you use more coffee grinds for a stronger bold coffee. Light Roast has more caffeine, dark roast has the least amount of caffeine. This light roast coffee is just beyond a cinnamon roast, a Chicago style roasting tradition that many have come to love. This ground coffee is made from perfectly roasted beans imported from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica.

Spoilers for the video…I liked it! And I really love the clever design of the brand and little coffee/genre mashups the coffee product names have. If my daughter drank coffee, for sure she would get the Doctor Who-inspired “CAFFEINATE! CAFFEINATE!” Or at the next Star Wars Panel meet up, we’ll have some “Java the Hutt,” which, after reading the description for that one, I think I might need to go order some.


Nerd Lunch Reviews Nerd Roast Coffee from Carlin Trammel on Vimeo.