Growing up, I was never one for modern popular music. I listened to my parents’ music, so classic rock which was my dad’s choice or folk music which was my mom’s. One of my dad’s albums was 1973’s Pianoman by Billy Joel. I remember running across this album with a mix of light-hearted but also haunting tracks at about the same time Billy himself claimed he didn’t start the fire. Combine that with him voicing “Dodger” in the underrated Oliver & Co. movie, I transitioned into becoming a full-fledged Billy Joel fan.

I make no apologies for it, though I know some look down on him for not cranking out the amount of music he maybe should have during his career. I tended to like tracks off his albums that weren’t the ones played on the radio. I could do without every hearing “Only the Good Die Young” again. But there are myriad others I’d listen to over and over.

In late 1994, I would have been a freshman in college. And traditionally, my parents would get me a calendar for the next year for Christmas. For Christmas of 1994, I received a Billy Joel calendar. I think it was purchased at one of those pop-up calendar places they have at malls. Certainly this would pre-date an online purchase. I was pretty excited about it because it wasn’t the kind of thing anyone else I knew would have.

I invite you to relive 1995 with promotional images of Billy Joel.

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