Power of Teamwork Trip 5: Souvenirs of the Past

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Power of Teamwork Trip 5: Souvenirs of the Past

All this week I’ve talked about my whirlwind trip to Illinois and back. While there, I stopped by to see my parents who had a few things they wanted me to take out of their house. There were several interesting things. In fact, so much stuff that I’ve decided to not include all of it here and save some of it for future posts.

First up, they wanted me to take some old bedding. How about this pretty awesome Animaniacs pillowcase? I was a big fan of the cartoon in high school and into college. I had a few different pillows and pillowcases made for me.

I loved the bright colors and novelty of the show. I had lots of Animaniacs stuff. The hat, the T-shirt, pillows, a poster and stuff not pictured. Too bad it doesn’t really hold up. Moments of it do, but it’s extremely dated now and some of the humor is rather inappropriate in today’s more enlightened world.

Another piece of old bedding worth noting is my Return of the Jedi bedspread. I took photos of it in chunks for this collage. It’s pretty large and awesome. I thought it might be possible my son would beg for it, but it’s way too large for his bed. It might make a good blanket to use for “fort-makin’.”

A quick one-off piece I grabbed was this 45 record featuring Ernie from Sesame Street. On one side he sings Imagination and on the other he does a solo comedy sketch where he’s using his imagination. I have fond memories of wearing this thing out as a young one.

I also had an art portfolio full of pieces of art. Some of it was mine and some of it was not. The pieces that were mine were all the pages from the short comic book that I produced as an art project in high school. I’m surprised I haven’t done a full blog post about this yet in the ten years of Nerd Lunch. Here’s my original art (matted because it was entered into a local contest) for page 5 of my comic.

I’ll wrap up with three more things, all from my time as an intern at Marvel Comics. Marvel had their own artboards produced that we would send to pencilers to draw on. I snagged a blank sheet. Maybe some day I’ll draw another comic book and I’ll use this page first. (Probably not.)

I worked in the Star Trek office while at Marvel. The Trek license was there at the time and I worked for the office that did the titles featuring the characters from TV, so the Enterprise, DS9 and Voyager crews. There was another office that did Academy and Early Voyages. One of the titles was called Star Trek Unlimited and it would feature either a Kirk’s crew story or a Picard’s crew story. In issue 7, they “met” due to Trelane and Q placing a wager. They had Kirk and Picard switch places to see if they could handle themselves in the other era. The cover was to feature a painting of the casts together by Vince Evans.┬áPatrick Stewart had likeness approval on all licensing worked into his contract and he never approved his likeness. So the painting idea was killed and the two logos were slapped onto a black background. However, I have color copies of the painting that make up most of it.

Finally, this is something that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about. When I was there, Deadpool was growing in popularity with his own title by Kelly and McGuinness. And the Spice Girls were riding high on a post Spice World buzz. Gregg Schigiel, who I have talked to before on the podcast and who created Pix, drew a piece with the the singers with a voice and merc with a mouth teaming up. I hadn’t thought about it in years and while all I have is a photocopy, I’m glad I have the piece. Gregg discussed it on his own blog and must still have the original art. I’ve added the watermark to differentiate my photo of a photocopy and Gregg’s original scan on his blog. No ownership claimed!

What will become of any of this stuff, I don’t know. It was fun to walk down memory lane with it all though.



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