I mentioned last week that I took a trip back to Illinois recently and I swung by my parents’ place. There they had a pile of stuff for me to take back with me. I detailed quite a bit of what I brought back, but some of the items are getting their own posts (or series) including this one.

First showing up in 1986, Lazer Tag was a game where players would wear sensors on their chest and use infrared guns to try to hit their targets. The base set came with a gun, sensor and belt/chest harness for the sensor. As the line was successful, other items were added including a vest, a hat, a helmet, a rifle and a base. I won’t go into all the details because other sites have already done that.

One of the big boxes of stuff contained almost all of our Lazer Tag items. I think we had the hat and maybe the helmet and those were not here. But several sensors, a vest, a gun and the base were all in the box.

I tried putting on the vest, but it’s apparently made for someone smaller than ‘me of the present.’

So I decided to get a different person to model. Things got crazy.

So does this 30-year-old equipment work for real? Watch this video to find out.