On Monday I talked about all the hossin’ in Austin (haustin’?) I did on my trip last week. After our dinner on Thursday, I tagged along with the people at the table I sat at to head back to 6th Street. Initially we made a stop at Voodoo, but in walking around, I took pictures of a whole bunch of things I didn’t do.

Austin’s 6th Street is full of a lot of bars but also shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. One of the more notable places is the Alamo Drafthouse. They had a showing of Thor: Ragnarok at 10:40, exactly 12 hours before I had to give a presentation to the conference. I opted to pass on going so I could get sleep before my big day. Maybe next time I’m around one though. By the way, the photo is blurry because I was startled by a homeless guy who was hidden in the corner.

When I was checking out Google Maps to see what was around the area I was staying, I noticed there was a bar named Barbarella. A little further research showed that this establishment had a painting of Jane Fonda on the outside of the building. I was slightly curious about what was on the inside, but when I got there at about 9:45, it was not even open yet. Even though I have the picture, this isn’t “my scene” based on the social media posts and reviews.

We made an attempt to go to Recess Arcade Bar, but it was closed for a private event.

After dinner and doughnuts, we weren’t interested in any other food, but “death metal pizza” was tempting anyway.

And so would Angry Eggrolls had they been open.

One of the things that keeps Austin weird…this museum:

Finally, I’ll end with one thing we didn’t do but then I made us go back and check out. It was a little shop called Aaron’s Rock & Roll. Despite the time, it was still open. I’m not even sure exactly what to say this shop specialized in. It had tons of music merch, but also movie and TV show stuff, too. The thing that impressed me the most was all the old trading cards still in package.

Even if these are things I didn’t do, maybe it will give you some ideas for what you want to do should you ever find yourself in Austin, Texas.