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Shirtless Bear-Fighter Figures

I’ll confess right off the bat that I have never read the Shirtless Bear-Fighter comic book. That is certainly not from a lack of interest. It is a comic that has piqued by curiosity, especially since our very own Paxton Holley has a thing against bears (running joke on the podcast).

Now I’m even more inspired to check this comic book out. It appears to have run for five issues and is available in collected form. The covers show a burly, hairy man with a big, bushy beard only wearing a pair of jeans facing off with bears. Okay! I’m sold. But wait…there’s more!

Now there are toys. Our friends at Skelton Crew Studio LLC are producing a vinyl figure of ol’ Shirtless. The figure is 8.5 inches tall and is an incredible likeness of the comic book art.

But wait! Like any good collectible company, Skelton Crew has a special variant of this figure. Or what they are calling a “beariant.” Apparently at some point in the comic, things get so crazy that Shirtless has to power up and also go pantsless. But instead of Dr. Manhattaning this, the comic censors the extra grizzly area with pixelation. Or…what Skelton Crew is calling “dixelation.” So if you want, you can get this version of the character instead.

Truly a fun looking series and set of figures. I’m inclined to get the second version but then I’d have a lot of questions from my kids if I displayed it at home. Or I could take the figure to work, but then I might get fired. Or promoted!

Also worth noting some other details from Skelton Crew:

Both limited edition collector’s items are available exclusively at and won’t be available in stores.
Fans who pre-order before July 1st will receive a bonus 12-inch plush “bear-skin” rug! Grab both beariants and you’ll score a pre-order exclusive replica of the note from the bears to Shirtless featured in the “SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!” comic signed by LeHeup, Girner and Vendrell.

As an aside, some of the cover art was done by Andrew Robinson. I met him back at Chicago Comic-Con in 1994 and asked him to sketch one of my own characters that I had made up. I still have the art and it displays in my office.

So to sum up: Shirtless. Bear-Fighter. (Sometimes pantless.) Figure. Get one. Or both. Tell ’em Nerd Lunch sent you.

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