Most everything I’ve covered so far, be it food, the Late Show experience or Muppets, has been so massive in content that each topic has earned it’s own post. But I have an assortment of nerdy things that didn’t make the cut for it’s own post. And here we are in the middle of a second week of what was to be just one week so it’s tempting to just cut it and be done. But I carry on like a guy who isn’t aware everyone at the party has tuned him out.

So I thought I’d bring up a few more quick things we did in New York before we wrap up tomorrow with a finale video.

Flight of the Trammels

I’ve watched through Flight of the Conchords a couple times and have turned into a fan of all three of the main cast members of the show. Brett McKenzie did the music for the more recent two Muppet movies. Jemaine Clement has popped up all over the place including as a voice in Moana. And Rhys Darby was in pretty much the only good episode of the X-Files from the recent two seasons. Behind the scenes, James Bobin was also involved with the Muppets and Thor: Raganarok director Taika Waititi directed four episode of “Flight.” So this show has permeated quite a bit of talent out through “nerdom.”

So while in New York, I thought we had to get a shot by the building in the opener. It was a hike to get down there and made worse by the crushing heat, but thanks to Jon Cross and a cafe that magically appeared, we survived and got the shot.

Carlinpher Robin

The New York Public Library has five of the original Winnie the Pooh characters. We discussed this briefly on the New York Edition of Down the Rabbit Hole. While there, my wife and I decided to go see them. The had Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore, Kanga and Piglet. You can read more about them here.

Museum of Moving Image…the other part

We went to the Museum of Moving Image almost exclusively to see the Jim Henson Exhibit, but they had several other interesting things on display as well. I didn’t do a great job documenting it at all, but I grabbed this pic of costumes worn on Miami Vice and Mork & Mindy.