I remember when I was growing up, my family would take road trips to see my grandparents or whatever other family excursions we would do. And we did some cool stuff, but that didn’t stop other things from grabbing my attention. Especially after we would stop at a rest stop and grab a whole bunch of cool looking brochures for touristy looking things along the way. One of the things that always caught my eye were the brochures for wax museums. But we would never stop at one. So going to one eventually found its way on my “nerd bucket list.”

I almost didn’t pull the trigger on going while in New York City, but a Marvel Comics display at Madame Tussaud’s pulled me in and sealed the deal. Especially since they have a Hulk. And I have a thing about getting pictures with the Hulk.

Overall, it was pretty cool. Some wax statues were better than others. There were different genres of people represented. Some I just didn’t care too much about, like sports stars, but you might have found them interesting. I’ll present a few of my favorite pictures here.


I am now starring in the ET sequel movie. It’s a buddy comedy called ET & CT. ET returns to Earth to warn us of an impending invasion. To spread the word, he reaches out to the most popular podcast…Nerd Lunch. Except he didn’t do his research and now only a dozen people on the planet have heard about their impending doom.

Indiana Jones and the Mystery of CT’s Hair is coming next summer to a theater near you. A rogue faction of Nazis are after the secrets of CT’s hair and only Indy can help CT put those secrets where they belong…in a museum!

Me and Black Widow undercover in the next Avengers movie.

I don’t mind that my wife got a picture with Brad Pitt, but she needs to stay away from boxes when he’s around.

This was right before Katniss killed me.

I am the new Number One.

Something strange in the neighborhood and that something strange is me.

Sometimes I don’t know when not to pick a fight.

Of all the Tom Hiddelstons, this is probably the safest to be around.

Me and Catwoman undercover in the next Justice League movie. (I said something like that already? Oh.)

My fascination with getting a picture with The Hulk continues.

There’s something radioactive in the neighborhood and that something is me. (What? I did it again?)

My wife’s favorite of the Marvel super heroes.

Okay…my wife is getting a little too cozy with these Marvel guys.

John McLane standing there as I enter the wax museum was an ominous sign.

The least crazy version of Johnny Depp is one that can’t move or speak.

Off to see the wizard

Princess Di

That time I had a very important announcement to make that involved the security of our wax nation.

I am always giving notes.