Thursday Second Lunch

Montague Street Bagels

108 Montague Street
(Between Hicks & Henry St.)
New York, NY 11201


Menu Items Ordered:

  • Stanley Cup Sandwich (Ovengold Turkey, Bacon, Melted Swiss & American Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato on a Hero)



When I lived in Brooklyn Heights 20 years ago, my wacky roommate told me about this place just a few blocks from where we lived. One day we went and got sandwiches. It was the only time we hung out together really. He had a lot of potential to be cool, but we just did not click. He’s apparently quite successful now, but I don’t think he has a podcast so who’s laughing now. Anyway, when he and I went, I ordered the Stanley Cup sandwich and it was the greatest sandwich ever made. God sent this sandwich to earth with his son and I found it. Years later, when I’m working with Aaron Nix, he goes on a work trip to New York and winds up being in this area of town. I implore him to get a Stanley Cup. He does and the legend of this beautiful creation continued. And you see, it’s a legend now. And whatever the reality is, you can’t let it get in the way of the legend. So I tell you, this is the greatest sandwich ever made on the face of the planet.

(Point of interest…this sandwich is still good, but there is something missing from it from years ago. A sauce of some kind? I don’t know. I can’t remember. It’s still a good sandwich. Maybe temper your expectations if you ever go get one and realize you are eating a legend.)

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