Saturday Lunch

Paul’s Da Burger Joint

131 2nd Avenue (at St. Mark’s Place)
New York, NY


Menu Items Ordered:

  • St Mark’s Burger (topped with mushrooms and fried onions)
  • Monterey Jack CheeseBurger


For lunch we went to another diner. And since Jon is the host of the After Movie Diner, it only made sense that we make diners our meal stops. Jon recommended this place and talked up the burger. Then, before the burgers came out, he started back pedaling, worried that he might have oversold the quality of the burgers. Let me tell you…he had not oversold it. In fact, he had not been emphatic enough. These were fantastic. The sign outside says “NYC’s Best Burger” and that wasn’t some Elf thing where they were only saying. It was true.


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