From the mind of Bill Murphy at Fresh Monkey Fiction comes the Amazing Heroes line of action figures.

Amazing Heroes is a 4.5″ retro inspired Vintage Superhero Action Figure line that is reminiscent of the action figures from the ‘80s that feature colorful and iconic classic heroes.

Those action figures from the ’80s that the descriptions references is the Secret Wars line from Mattel featuring Marvel Comics heroes. However, this line of toys features characters from public domain and licensed indie comic characters.

I was impressed with the first wave from afar, but when they announced they were going to make a Nexus action figure, created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, I had to have one. And I’m not a huge Nexus fan, just more a fan of the creators. So I tossed money into the Kickstarter all the way back in May of 2017.

I won’t go through all the details, but funding and production issues caused this figure to not get sent out until 2019. I do have to applaud the Fresh Monkey guys. They were completely transparent along the way about all the struggles they faced at the factory and such. And that anticipation just made it all the more exciting when the figure did show up.

I really love the retro-style art on this package and love the way the figure looks in it. But I’m also mostly a “free the action figure” kind of guy and want to let my toys be free. What’s great about how this is set up, is that the figure and card back is slipped in to a thin plastic case. So I can remove the figure and put it back anytime I want. Best of both worlds.

Initially when I opened the figure, there was an issue with one of its legs not being on quite right. This seemed to happen to a few others based on the Facebook page comments, but the advice was to stick him in the freezer for an hour and then try to move the leg. That worked like a charm. There was also a slight paint defect on the face that I was able to fix with a thin Sharpie.

Once those two things were taken care of, I was really happy with how this figure turned out.

Here is the Nexus figure side-by-side with a Secret Wars Spider-Man figure. The style matches perfectly! This is a great line and fans of niche concepts like this should check out the rest of what they have to offer and get on board for future projects!