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23 02, 2016

Pax Talks Fairies on Your Weird

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Pax makes his appearance on Your Weird and they talk about toys. From the episode description: It's a MAGICAL episode as Paxton "Pax" Holley (of The Nerd Lunch, Cult Film Club, and Hell Bent for Letterbox podcasts) joins us to talk about ... fairies?! You'll never believe toys could be so difficult to play with! http://roboxstudios.com/podcast_yourweird/046-Paxs_Fairies.mp3

26 01, 2016

CT Returns to Your Weird

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From the episode description: This week Carlin "CT" Trammel of The Nerd Lunch Podcast RETURNS to talk about Sandwich Anxiety... but we wind up talking mostly about bears. You might say that it's a WEIRD conversation. You get what you pay for! http://roboxstudios.com/podcast_yourweird/042-CTs_Sandwich%20Bears.mp3

11 01, 2016

CT Goes on The Nosh Show and Recurrent Events

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Photo by @onsecondscoop We skipped this past week due to the holiday schedule catching up with release date. But, the drought ends soon. Tomorrow we have our big Star Wars: The Force Awakens episode, but to tide you over, I present two podcasts. First, I guested for the first time on Recurrent Events. You can listen [...]

21 12, 2015

The Nosh Show invites CT to join them for 69 (Episode 69)

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Our friend Dubba was unable to be on the recent episode of The Nosh Show, so Marvo shone the podcast signal in the sky and CT answered it. Discussed were an assortment of junk food and fast food products including Star Wars ice cream, chocolate corn puffs and Deadpool-branded Mike's Harder Lemonade. My only disappointment [...]

19 11, 2015

Nerd Lunch joins UnderScoopFire

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In addition to the UnderScoopFire crew being on Nerd Lunch this week, we were also on their show as a part of a crossover event. Check out USF 147. From their episode description: In what some are calling the most important event in human history, the cast of Nerd Lunch and the cast of UnderScoopFire [...]