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12 05, 2017

Jeff Sinks the Pop Culture Retrofit Podcast

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Recently CT guested on the newly launched Pop Culture Retrofit Podcast. Now they've called on another from the Down the Rabbit Hole crew and Jeff Somogyi joins them to turn Titanic into a board game. From the episode description: Christian and DiGio are joined by Jeff Somogyi from the Down The Rabbit Hole podcast as [...]

28 04, 2017

CT Punches The Pop Culture Retrofit Podcast

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Recently, two former members of The Atomic Geeks launched a new podcast. I had the pleasure of being the first guest on the show. They take a pop culture property and retrofit it for a different setting. For example, they've made The Godfather into a sitcom and Forrest Gump into a cartoon. In this show, [...]

23 02, 2016

Pax Talks Fairies on Your Weird

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Pax makes his appearance on Your Weird and they talk about toys. From the episode description: It's a MAGICAL episode as Paxton "Pax" Holley (of The Nerd Lunch, Cult Film Club, and Hell Bent for Letterbox podcasts) joins us to talk about ... fairies?! You'll never believe toys could be so difficult to play with! http://roboxstudios.com/podcast_yourweird/046-Paxs_Fairies.mp3

26 01, 2016

CT Returns to Your Weird

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From the episode description: This week Carlin "CT" Trammel of The Nerd Lunch Podcast RETURNS to talk about Sandwich Anxiety... but we wind up talking mostly about bears. You might say that it's a WEIRD conversation. You get what you pay for! http://roboxstudios.com/podcast_yourweird/042-CTs_Sandwich%20Bears.mp3