10 08, 2018

New York City Week: CT Visits Muppet Museums

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While in Queens, I had the chance to visit the Museum of Moving Image where they have a Jim Henson exhibit. I realized I had also never reported on the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta who also has a Jim Henson exhibit. So I compiled all my photos and footage and made this video. [...]

1 11, 2017

Lazer Tag!

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I mentioned last week that I took a trip back to Illinois recently and I swung by my parents' place. There they had a pile of stuff for me to take back with me. I detailed quite a bit of what I brought back, but some of the items are getting their own posts [...]

21 10, 2017

(Nerd) Lunch Special: Arby’s Venison Steak Sandwich

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Arby's released their Venison Sandwich nationwide for one-day only. If you're reading this on Saturday, October 21, 2017, there's still time to go get one! If you're not...maybe it will come back! What did I think? Check out this video to find out!   Nerd Lunch Reviews Arby's Venison Sandwich from Carlin Trammel on Vimeo.

15 08, 2011

Nerd Lunch: The Web Series – Final Episode Commentary

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Wrapping up our commentary series with the final episode of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series. Yes, you read that right. The final episode. I loved making this series and wish it were in the cards to do more. I had more ideas and regret not being able to share them in this venue at this [...]

1 08, 2011

Nerd Lunch: The Web Series – Episode One Commentary

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First, happy birthday to Savannah, my "Nerd Lunch: The Web Series" co-host. I hope it's a great day and that no one forces you to watch some guy eat a bunch of hot dogs. Second, I have to say a special thanks to Will "The Thrill" Viharo for an incredible review of "Nerd Lunch: The [...]