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“The world is full of friends we’ve never met.”

The Nerd Lunch Podcast has been host to almost 100 guests in the span of time we’ve been producing episodes. Guests have ranged to our old friends, to other podcasters, to other bloggers to new friends we’ve met along the way. The Nerd Lunch guests are affectionately labeled the Fourth Chair on the show and the entire group makes up the Fourth Chair Army.

In the table below, click on the name of the Fourth Chair Army Member for a complete list of all their Nerd Lunch appearances.

Guest Site Twitter
Aaron Nix @Aaron_Nix
Adam @hojukoolander
Amanda VanHiel @amandavanhiel
Dr. Andrea Letamendi @arkhamasylumdoc
Andrew Bloom @atomicgeekbloom
Annaliese Trammel
Bill Webster @veggiemacabre
Brad Sammut @FijiMermaid
Brian Adams @cool_collected
Brian Heilier @Plaidstallions
Chad Young @HorrorMovieBBQ
Charlton Hero @Charlton_Hero
Chris @drquest
Chris Lockhart @Chrisloc1701
Chris Tanski @P0LISHPHEN0M
Christian Nielsen @hunkburger
Christopher Hastings @drhastings
Christopher Rathjen
Classick Materia @classick_AED
Claymation Werewolf @ClaymationHowl
Cordy @cordy74
Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner
Dan Cooney @dcooneyart
Dave Pietrandrea @roboxstudios
Dinosaur Dracula @dinosaurdracula
Doug Frye @DigDougFrye
Dubba @onsecondscoop
eclectik @eclectik
Elizabeth Stevens @ElizHydeStevens
Elliott Serrano @ElliottSerrano
Eric @junkfoodguy
Erika Peterman
Evan Hanson @bizarrojimmyols
Fitz @FitzRock
Geek Kay @Geek_Kay
Gregg Schigiel @GreggSchigiel
Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck
Jaime Hood @shezcrafti
James Patrick @007hertzrumble
Jasmin Fine @1finecookie
Jason Collier @JangoJason
Jason Gross @SockOfFleagulls
Jason Liebig @Collectingcandy
Jay Ryan @sexyarmpit
Jeff Brown @BrownimusPrime
Jeff Somogyi @sommerjam
Jen Usellis @KlingonPop
Jeremy Harvey @ChunksMcFly
Jess Pryles @jesspryles
Joanna Skrabala @BloodyPopcorn
John Vanover @Engineernerd
Jon Cross @aftermoviediner
Jonathan DeMuth @JonathanDeMuth
Keith Rainville @Lucha_vs_Ninja
Kelly Knox @kelly_knox
Kirk Howle @kirkhowle
Liz Twachtman @nerdinthecity
Mark Dury @markdury
Marvo @theimpulsivebuy
Matt Ringler @doesntmattr
Matt Young @morepeoplehappy
Michael DiGiovanni @theatomicgeeks
Michael May @michaelmaycomix
Michelle Houghton Instagram: @michelleashleyhoughton
Mike Downs @AtomicGeekDowns
Mike Lehman
Mike Westfall @fallwestmike
Mikey Hay Retromash @retromash
Miss M @DorketteTweets
Mo Moshaty @ momoshaty
Nick Chipman @dudefoods
Nick Rovazzini @NickRovo
Nicole Wakelin
Quinn Rollins @jedikermit
RD Reynolds @WrestleCrapRD
Retroist @retroist
Rielly @riellygeek
Rob Graham @Spidey004
Robert Zerbe @zerbert
Rondal Scott @StrangeKidsClub
Ryan @grubgrade
Ryan Hewson @Nerfgun
Savannah Sullivan @savstav
Sean Kelley @SeanOfKelley
Shawn Robare @shawnrobare
Stacey Rader @geeky_vixen
Stephen Dupuy
Steve @foodjunk
Sue London @cmdrsue
Thom Holbrook @ThommyHolbrook
Tim Lybarger @timlybarger
Todd Rogers @JunkFed
Vanessa Gabriel @psyphichic
Vic Sage @VicSage2005
Vincent @RobotPJs
William Bruce West @williambwest
Zaki Hasan @zakiscorner
Pictured (L-R): Shawn Robare, Robert Zerbe, Carlin Trammel, Paxton Holley. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Shawn Robare and/or Robert Zerbe.
Pictured (L-R): Carlin Trammel, Christian Nielsen, Michael DiGiovanni, Paxton Holley, Andrew Bloom and Jeeg. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Christian Nielsen, Michael DiGiovanni and/or Andrew Bloom.
Pictured (L-R): Carlin Trammel, Kirk Howle, Matt Ringler and Doug Frye. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Kirk Howle, Matt Ringler and/or Doug Frye.

Fourth Chair Carryover Question

Each week, our Fourth Chair Guest leaves a question to be asked of our next guest. This has been dubbed The Fourth Chair Carryover Question! Reload the page to get a random question from our FCA members and use them to spur your own conversations with us on Twitter and Facebook.

TV detectives, there sure have been a lot of them, but which one is your favorite and why?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 188Tweet

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Pictured (L-R): Jeeg, Carlin Trammel, Paxton Holley, Jaime Hood and Shawn Robare. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Jaime Hood and/or Shawn Robare.
Pictured (L-R): Carlin Trammel, Kay, Michael May, Paxton Holley and Jeeg. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Kay and/or Michael May.
Pictured (L-R): Carlin Trammel, Kay, Paxton Holley and Evan Hanson. Click the photo for a list of episodes with Kay and/or Evan Hanson.