Each week, our Fourth Chair Guest leaves a question to be asked of our next guest. This has been dubbed The Fourth Chair Carryover Question! Reload the page to get a random question from our FCA members and use them to spur your own conversations with us on Twitter and Facebook.

If you were on death row and your last meal had to come from a fast food chain, which chain and what would it be?~Eric (Junk Food Guy)Source: Episode 192Tweet
If you were to fight against any horror icon, who or what would it be?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 59Tweet
If money was no object, what SDCC exclusive would you create for this year's Comicon?~Brian HeilierSource: Episode 140Tweet
Moving to a new city and giving the requirement of living with a roommate, who do you choose: Danny, Joey, or Jesse?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 258Tweet
Given the opportunity to hang out on the sitcom Cheers would you prefer the good looks of Sam Malone, the intelligence of Cliff Claven, or alcohol tolerance of Norm?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 171Tweet
Since we’re halfway between Mothers Day and Fathers Day, if you had to adopt a kid from any movie or TV show, who would you pick? And would you dress them in tights and make them fight crime?~Michael MaySource: Episode 135Tweet
There have been a lot of alien races over the years, what is your favorite sci-fi alien race and why?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 210Tweet
You buy an old lamp off Craigslist and while polishing it a Craigslist genie appears. You can choose any 3 dream listings that will be on the site. What would they be?~Doug FryeSource: Episode 218Tweet
Due to your favorable review of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Spielberg has opened the vault and will give you one prop from a Spielberg directed movie. What do you choose and why?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 233Tweet
Folks over at Little Debbie have decided to come up with a secondary brand Ms. Deborah. Your job is to name the first two products for Ms Deborah.~John VanoverSource: Episode 273Tweet
If you could go back to the 1930s and see any movie in the theaters, what would it be?~Aaron NixSource: Episode 109Tweet
You or someone you know is being bullied. You get to pick one person and one vehicle to show up. Do you pick Stephen Segal, Hulk Hogan or BA Baracus? And does he turn up in a monster truck, a Pontiac Firebird adorned with flames and maybe an eagle, or a tank?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 166Tweet
If Superman and Spider-Man were to have a child what would that child's powers be?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 205Tweet
When Yoda is introduced, he's a trickster character. Who's your favorite pop culture trickster?~Michael MaySource: Episode 183Tweet
You've been playing around with your Delorean hot tub time machine combo. You've created a paradox. To fix it you must either erase Star Trek or Star Wars and everything associated with them.~John VanoverSource: Episode 242Tweet
They are making an action movie biography of your life. Which action star would you cast as yourself (use multiple actors as different ages)? Who directs? Where is the setting for the final showdown?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 128Tweet
If you had to tell some future alien race everything about humanity, what would it be? One book, one CD, food, etc. What sums up humanity?~Sean KelleySource: Episode 136Tweet
Your favorite TV show is getting canceled. You can save it if you give another show the axe. What show do you sacrifice?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 186Tweet
What is your favorite Hammer horror film? Who is your favorite Hammer horror actor?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 106Tweet
Lately I've become obsessed with fictional cocktails. Take your favorite movie and create a fictional cocktail from that. What's it called and what's in it?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 271Tweet
If someone had a gun to your head and you had to pick another franchise for Michael Bay to ruin, what would it be?~Jeremy HarveySource: Episode 151Tweet
What is the worst limited edition snack item you've ever experienced?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 157Tweet
If you found yourself in the real life board game Clue and you had to survive by sleeping with one of the suspects, who would it be?~Jaime HoodSource: Episode 120Tweet
Professor X or Magneto and why?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 156Tweet
If you were a baseball player what would your walk up song be?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 227Tweet
If you could impose a nerd death penalty on someone which is making them have to sit through one movie as punishment, what movie would you choose?~Mike LehmanSource: Episode 139Tweet
What was the last item you bought for your collection?~Brian AdamsSource: Episode 52Tweet
The new Avengers movie, the Courtship of Ultron’s Father, is doing pretty well at the box office. This has prompted Disney to branch out foolishly to create a West Coast Avengers movie. Which Avengers characters do you put in the movie, none of whom can have been in any other Marvel movie, X-Men movie, Spider-Man movie, Netflix series, Fox series, Fantastic Four Movie, Namor the Sub-Mariner or Man-Thing? Disney wants new action figure options. (Namor and Man-Thing rights are owned by other studios.)~Doug FryeSource: Episode 180Tweet
What movie evokes the most passionate response when you tell people you've never seen it?~Howie DeckerSource: Episode 144Tweet
I want you to name a few dances from pop culture. I'll help get you started with the Carlton, the Roger Rabbit, the Hustle, the African Anteater ritual from the Can't Buy Me Love movie, that's just naming a few. So out of the ones that I mentioned or any you can come up with, which is the one you would be most confident to do in front of all of us at the upcoming Nerd Lunch convention?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 265Tweet
How do you feel about no-bake desserts?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 74Tweet
What would you say your defining moment of your geek/nerd life is?~Jeff BrownSource: Episode 81Tweet
You've just been put in charge of creative for a Disney animation connectected universe. What are the first 2 characters you link up to start this universe?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 256Tweet
You’ve have been recruited to go on one Food Network’s competition shows. Which one do you go on and which ingredient do your fear the most?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 236Tweet
What is one thing you would change about Star Trek Into Darkness?~Jeremy HarveySource: Episode 88Tweet
You're stuck in a closet with Vanna White night after night after night, you can't ever leave but you can bring in your one favorite game. Which game would it be? Bonus points if you can name the snack you have in your hand when you go in the closet.~DubbaSource: Episode 204Tweet
Would you rather fight one Andre the Giant-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Mean Gene Oakerlands?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 73Tweet
Zack Snyder has been labeled "Hack Snyder" recently and many are arguing that he has taken the "hack throne" from Michael Bay. What film director had the "hack throne" before Bay?~Corey ChapmanSource: Episode 226Tweet
If you were a band on tour, what would be the most obscure request to have on your tour bus?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 171Tweet
Do you think becoming a nerd is something that's picked up from your parents or do people come about it some other way? And what's your nerd origin story?~Michael MaySource: Episode 158Tweet
What is the best film adaptation of a book and why? Please note that Twilight doesn't count as a book or a film.~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 155Tweet
As summer is ending, a young man's (OR WOMAN'S) fancy turns to thoughts of winter. If you could choose to visit any frozen world from movies or TV , which would it be? Like, a winter world. Or just cold.~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 245Tweet
If you were in charge of putting together a small mall food court, which six restaruants would you want to have?~Marvo (The Impulsive Buy)Source: Episode 220Tweet
You are the talent coordinator for the Family Feud. This week’s episode will be Disney Princess’s versus the Expendables. Who do you pick as the five contestants on each side and why?~Jason CollierSource: Episode 116Tweet
Which generation would do better in a zombie apocalypse, millenials or baby boomers?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 254Tweet
Assemble a crew of five of your least favorite Star Trek characters that when you put them together, they'd be kind of awesome.~Michael MaySource: Episode 91Tweet
If you can legitimately remember something you brought for show and tell, tell us about it. If you can't, then tell us what you would bring now.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 110Tweet
Which sci-fi or pop culture character style, clothing or look would you want to wear in the real world?~Matt YoungSource: Episode 87Tweet
Given our Kevin Bacon-like journey, today, I thought of: Here's your chance to "zero-degrees of kevin bacon someone": Put Kevin Bacon in a film, replacing another actor. OR swap in another actor into a Kevin Bacon film! Which Film? Which actor?~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 185Tweet
If you had to spend the rest of your life as a character in an 80s sitcom, who would you want to be?~Sue LondonSource: Episode 121Tweet
Create a flagship remake based on one of these properties: Voyagers, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Space 1999, Land of the Giants, Blakes 7, Buck Rogers.~Evan HansonSource: Episode 133Tweet
If you had to replace one of the Disney Princess film main character with a human-killing robot, which would that be?~Christian NielsenSource: Episode 125Tweet
If the sky was red, what color would Smurfs be and why?~Ryan HewsonSource: Episode 96Tweet
Would you rather meet Bruce Campbell in a regular capacity like at a convention or something, but not be able to say anything to him or meet him at a fancy dinner party but you’re dressed as Ash and you’re able to talk all you want.~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 105Tweet
This weekend you have an awesome trip planned, it's a hike through new jerseys legendary pine barrens with your best friend once you're there, you both let time get away from you, and you find yourselves completely lost. Rather than record all the mucus dripping out of your nose a la Blair Witch project, you both realize your starving.
You reach into your backpack and the only thing you have is one condiment packet. This can be from any fast food chain, it could be a kethup packet as in the Sopranos, it could be a small container, like a barbecue sauce from Chic Fil A or my personal favorite, sweet and sour from McDs - whatever it is, you only have one so tell us which one you hope it would be, and then choose this next part wisely.
1. do you eat it all
2. share half of it with your friend
3. or coerce the jersey devil with the condiment so he doesnt maul you.
In the end, there's a 99.6% chance that you'll be massacred by the jersey devil anyway but that honey mustard sauce might tip the scales in your favor.
~Jay RyanSource: Episode 135Tweet
If you could have one gadget from any hero, would gadget would it be? It can be your only gadget.~Geek KaySource: Episode 169Tweet
What fictional gadget do you wish you had available to you in your everyday life?~Geek KaySource: Episode 253Tweet
If you could have any two fictional characters fighting by your side on an island full of zombies, who would they be and why?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 230Tweet
If the following triple feature was a burger, what would it be called: Octopussy, Game of Death and Over the Top?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 134Tweet
You get a chance to put together your squad. Three people you would love to hang out with all the days. Whose your squad?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 268Tweet
If you had to sleep with any Star Trek character, who would it be and why?~Jaime HoodSource: Episode 269Tweet
Pick a movie that you would like to see a prequel trilogy for and pick a movie you would like a sequel trilogy for and which gets you most excited?~Michael MaySource: Episode 154Tweet
What is your favorite piece of geek clothing that you own?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 77Tweet
If you could take a ride in one time machine from film history, which would it be and why? It can be any time traveling vehicle or device, the Delorean, HG Wells' time machine, Bill & Ted's phone booth, the Harry Potter Time Turner, blah, blah, blah...~Dave PietrandreaSource: Episode 229Tweet
You meet a brand new significant other while perusing the gardening section at Lowes Home Improvement Center. You fall head over heels in love, start making out near the hydrangeas, then you run immediately to town hall and get your marriage license. And then you go on a honeymoon to Disney World. Once you're checked in, a very nondescript but cataclysmic disaster occurs.  Miraculously you and your new wife or husband are the only survivors. You don’t need to spring for the extra money on those Hopper passes because the ticket machines are obviously dead.  Realizing you can’t do shit about any of this, you came close to being burnt to a crisp, you decide to make the best of it Griswold style. The downside is that only one ride in all the parks will work and since everywhere else is a disaster area, you should take full advantage of it.  Much like Ray Stanz, all you need to do is choose. Choose wisely, because that ride may be the only form of entertainment you have for the rest of your life.  Do you take into consideration your brand new wife’s favorite ride? Screw that, you probably haven’t even had the Disney conversation yet, you just got married two minutes ago. So, choose your ride in Disney World.  ~Jay RyanSource: Episode 129Tweet
Have you rewatched a TV series? If not, what movie have you watched the most?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 115Tweet
Favorite monster as a kid? Favorite monster now?~Kirk HowleSource: Episode 104Tweet
If it came time to wear the tights of your favorite super hero, how would you improve the character?~Todd RogersSource: Episode 238Tweet
If you could own any robot from a fictional story, what robot would it be?~Geek KaySource: Episode 183Tweet
What real life actor, dead or alive, would play you if your life was a TV sitcom?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 107Tweet
In the Force Awakens, Andy Serkis is playing a character named something Snoke. What's a "Snoke"? (Note: This question was asked before Episode VII's release)~Geek KaySource: Episode 208Tweet
The Star Wars movies are going to continue, what other story do you love do you wish could continue forever?~Geek KaySource: Episode 214Tweet
If you could pick any planet to explore (real or fictional) what planet would it be?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 176Tweet
Q has offered you godlike powers. What is the first thing you would do?~Michael MaySource: Episode 241Tweet
Can you come up with an interesting pitch for the Justice League movie?~PLeeSource: Episode 101Tweet
You have been granted the power of Matter Eater Lad meaning you can eat and digest anything. What is the first normally inedible thing you eat and what do you think it would taste like?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 225Tweet
What would be worse, everytime you take a dump the Imperial March is played loudly so everyone knew, or everytime you have sex, the Modal Nodes show up and play the cantina song until you are done?~eclectikSource: Episode 206Tweet
What is your best in-store beg-for-a-toy as a child? And did you get it?~Brian HeilierSource: Episode 102Tweet
If you could recapture some material item from your childhood, what would it be?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 145Tweet
If you can test drive any vehicle from the pop culture garage, what do you choose?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 131Tweet
If you were to transform a sitcom episode into an opera, from which sitcom would you choose?~Christian NielsenSource: Episode 235Tweet
If you could buy and revamp an abandoned toyline from the 80s, which would you buy and what would you do to make it cool again?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 98Tweet
I command you to concoct a realistic brew of any three liquids of your preference and mix them all together in a bubbly icy or hot cauldron (your choice) and serve it at your house when you have people over, as your distinct household cocktail. The only catch is that all ingredients have to be consumable , for instance, don't include gasoline, glue or windex. Sorry about that. Get as mundane or as crazy as you want as long as it screams you.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 153Tweet
What is the nicest thing you could say about Dr. Pulaski?~Sean KelleySource: Episode 240Tweet
In a tournament of champions featuring all the martial arts comic book characters, who comes out on top at the end?~Michael MaySource: Episode 254Tweet
If you could force choke anyone for 30 seconds and get away with it, who would it be?~Des TaylorSource: Episode 69Tweet
What is your favorite alternate reality in pop culture?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 194Tweet
You have the chance to give life to a life size action figure or doll. What would it be and what would you do with it?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 100Tweet
If you could travel back in time and be at any opening night movie experience in history without knowing what happened (e.g. Planet of Apes, Psycho, Jaws), what would it be and why?~Keith RainvilleSource: Episode 255Tweet
If you could have full control over any intellectual property, what would it be and what would be your first project?~Claymation WerewolfSource: Episode 64Tweet
Boxers or briefs? If you had to deny the world of either chocolate or bacon and the blame would be placed on your shoulders, which would you choose?~Jasmin FineSource: Episode 75Tweet
Who out of the Expendables cast would you like to have an after movie dinner with?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 89Tweet
Matt Ringler's curse is that 1 out of 10 snowballs hits someone in the face. Another friend can chew gum for a long time. What is your super human power?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 119Tweet
In honor of the Phantom Menace podrace, name five famous drivers along with their vehicles that would compete in a Cannonball Run-like competition. Who would you choose and how would they place?~Michael MaySource: Episode 195Tweet
Considering the bulletproof nature of Star Wars Episode 7, would you suggest that Disney do no marketing for the film and let people just walk in cold on opening day?~Elliott SerranoSource: Episode 117Tweet
For election season, pick a fictional TV or movie president you'd rather vote for than the choices we have now. Defend your pick.~Todd RogersSource: Episode 248Tweet
What's the first thing you remember ever geeking out about?~Geek KaySource: Episode 154Tweet
Game of Thrones: Which character kicks the most ass? Which character do you most relate to?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 123Tweet
Who would you pick to get beaten up by: Billy Zabka or Troy from the Goonies?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 61Tweet
Who wins in a fight, Pee Wee Herman or Weird Al?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 108Tweet
What would Iron Man's preferred social media platform would be? Would he have separate accounts for Tony Stark and Iron Man?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 267Tweet
What are you looking forward to more this year: Jurassic World or Star Wars: The Force Awakens and why?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 175Tweet
What are your top three desert island discs?~Jen UsellisSource: Episode 170Tweet
What two fictional characters would make the best fictional president and VP of the US?~Steve from Food JunkSource: Episode 85Tweet
What two techs would you like to see combined?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 109Tweet
It's time to trade in your car. You get to trade it in for any fictional vehicle out there. But you have it for the next seven years. Choose wisely.~Geek KaySource: Episode 179Tweet
You've just lost your job and a belt tightening is in order, of all the media you consume, which is the first to go?~Todd RogersSource: Episode 182Tweet
Wonder Woman will let you use the lasso of truth once, who do you use it on and what do you ask them?~Michael MaySource: Episode 249Tweet
We all love talking about our favorite geek items on blogs, podcasts, discussions forums, etc. What geeky property should we stop talking about right now?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 196Tweet
You wake up and realize you are an action figure. What are your action features? What other toys are you going to be hanging out with?~Miss MSource: Episode 122Tweet
What's been the most inappropriate time you had to quietly let one rip?~RiellySource: Episode 63Tweet
If you could visit one filming location, what film would it be for and what specific location would you seek out?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 178Tweet
What was your favorite childhood breakfast cereal and do you still eat it?~Vincent from RobotPJsSource: Episode 272Tweet
What did you have for dinner? Are you wearing any pants?~Christian NielsenSource: Episode 54Tweet
I heard this on a different podcast and it was a lot of fun, so I’ll share it here. O.K., you’re the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. And you need to sort four Star Trek captains into the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. But you must sort only one captain into each of the houses. No repeats. Your captains are Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. How would you do it? (And, when you’re done with that, you might want to say how you’d actually sort them with whatever repeats you’d like and without any restrictions.)~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 242Tweet
If Frank Martin in the Transporter, Chev Chelios in Crank and Lee Christmas in the Expendables met in awesome Statham-based battle, who would win?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 89Tweet
What director would you pick to direct the first new Star Wars movie, and why?~Jeremy HarveySource: Episode 62Tweet
Since we're talking action figures, what is the toy you could not leave without if you saw at a comic convention?~Mike DownsSource: Episode 124Tweet
Which Enterprise would you serve on and in what capacity?~The RetroistSource: Episode 78Tweet
If you could take any film and change the time period in which it took place, what would it be and what time period would it be in?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 86Tweet
What fictional animal or creation would make the best pet for you?~Ryan (Grub Grade)Source: Episode 184Tweet
If you could eat at only one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?~Nick ChipmanSource: Episode 204Tweet
We're fresh of the 40th anniversary of SNL. If you had the opportunity to bring back one deceased SNL alum back, for a one-off comedy show, who would you bring back and why?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 168Tweet
What was the best Christmas gift you got this year?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 162Tweet
If you were producing your movie biography, you could cast whoever in it, you could cast the director and film it in any time or genre, how do you represent yourself?~James PatrickSource: Episode 181Tweet
We talked about Rogue One. Alan Tudyk voiced K-2SO, also King Candy. If you were King Candy, what would your first order of business be for adding a new candy to the world?~Geek KaySource: Episode 259Tweet
What is your greatest podcasting moment so far?~Geek KaySource: Episode 261Tweet
What's the most nerdy, yet still mundane collecitble you've acquired?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 223Tweet
You are trapped on a desert island with one Marvel character (and trapped means you can’t effect your own escape because of some supervillain tricks), who do you pick to hang out with all that time?~Sue LondonSource: Episode 209Tweet
If you could turn any movie into a theme park ride or attraction, which movie would it be and why?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 232Tweet
What is your ideal meal to have after a movie and does the movie dictate the meal?~Jon CrossSource: Episode 58Tweet
You're given $1 Billion to produce a new movie on one of these three lesser known SNL characters. Which do you choose and why? Mango, (un)frozen caveman lawyer, or middle age man?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 190Tweet
Fill in the blank: What is the name of your starship? The USS ________~Jen UsellisSource: Episode 221Tweet
If WW were running for president, who would be her ideal running mate and why?~Stacey RaderSource: Episode 249Tweet
Mike or Joel, and why? And if don't know what I'm talking about, why are you listening to this podcast?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 130Tweet
Has there ever been a time that you militantly asserted that you hated a certain property or show and then started liking and then had to hide the fact that you had started liking it? If so, what property and how did it win you over?~Claymation WerewolfSource: Episode 90Tweet
With the X-Files back on the air, what's your favorite conspiracy theory? (Doesn't have to be X-Files related.)~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 216Tweet
If you were in a post-apo wasteland and you needed to traverse the highways, what Mad Max-style vehicle would you design?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 197Tweet
You are doing a reboot of 1980s action shows gathering together an all-star team to go out, have adventures, fight crime, travel from town to town helping people. Who's in your team?~PLeeSource: Episode 118Tweet
When did you decide you were a podcaster?~Mike DownsSource: Episode 103Tweet
Now that the Twilight movies are over, what is the next biggest pop cultural threat to humanity?~Jaime HoodSource: Episode 65Tweet
What is one of your collector holy grails? What is the white whale for you?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 53Tweet
Who would win in a fight: Martha Jones or Amy Pond?~RiellySource: Episode 82Tweet
It's the 40th anniversary of JAWS and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who would you rather get bitten by: the shark from Jaws or Tim Curry from Rocky Horror and why?~Matt RinglerSource: Episode 164Tweet
For the next 90 days, would you rather have the Family Feud theme song play every time you enter a room or the voice of the dad from Alf?~Howie DeckerSource: Episode 92Tweet
What is your favorite monster cereal?~Thom HolbrookSource: Episode 57Tweet
Let's say you're going to be in space for a long time. Maybe you're on a mission to Mars or on a star trek, what's the one pet animal would you want with you?~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 234Tweet
Who's your favorite person (fictional or non-fictional) who is famous for fighting with a sword?~Michael MaySource: Episode 187Tweet
In this dystopian future the entire water supply for the planet has been exhausted. In this situation, what soft drink would you choose to bathe yourself in every single day?~Christian NielsenSource: Episode 262Tweet
What is the most iconic movie that you've never seen, inspired by the fact that I've never seen any of the Star Wars films?~Nick ChipmanSource: Episode 167Tweet
Given the news that Marvel has turned Thor into a woman, what super hero could do with a sex change and be successful.~Matt RinglerSource: Episode 142Tweet
Will the new version of Dungeons and Dragons live up to the previous versions and will you play it?~The RetroistSource: Episode 141Tweet
Which trailer totally wins in a battle, Star Wars or Batman v Superman?~RiellySource: Episode 178Tweet
They announced they're bringing back French Toast Crunch Cereal. Is there a discontinued cereal that you'd love to see back on the store shelves?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 165Tweet
If you have to choose to live in a fiction universe, what would it be? Caveat: you get no super powers~Jason LiebigSource: Episode 110Tweet
What or who is your favorite pop culture rabbit? Don't say the one from Donnie Darko.~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 205Tweet
Pick two or three podcasters from podcasts other than your own and make a super group. What topic would they talk about?~John VanoverSource: Episode 257Tweet
Assuming you could survive either of them, which would you rather visit: Skull Island or Monster Island?~Michael MaySource: Episode 71Tweet
If you could reboot any geek show, what would you pick and what would you do with it?~Sue LondonSource: Episode 99Tweet
If you went back in time to kill Hitler, but Hitler had been turned into a puppy, what would you do?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 209Tweet
Using actors from any time period, cast the McDonaldland characters.~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 127Tweet
Snack food endorsed or inspired by a rap star.~eclectikSource: Episode 227Tweet
Given the choice, would you join Prof X and the X-Men or Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants?~Vic SageSource: Episode 78Tweet
You're stuck on a dessert island, you've only got two kinds of ice cream, what would they be?~DubbaSource: Episode 97Tweet
What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon when you were a kid?~Jen UsellisSource: Episode 55Tweet
To shamlessly plug last weeks episode, you are going to the 2017 Nosh Show convention and you must cosplay as your favorite food mascot. Who do you pick? If it's a long time mascot, you must pick the era or maybe a troupe of friends would go as a group.~DubbaSource: Episode 247Tweet
What pop culture universe do you wish had a massive online encyclopedia dedicated to it?~Michael MaySource: Episode 234Tweet
Which Doctor is your Doctor? If your not a fan of Doctor Who, then please state the name of your primary health care provider and if they accept an HMO.~Thom HolbrookSource: Episode 91Tweet
Who is your favorite pirate character and why?~Michael MaySource: Episode 109Tweet
Cast the Nerd Lunch crew and yourself as Marvel or DC superheroes.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 217Tweet
What was the best year for you in a pop culture sense and why was the best year for you?~Matt RinglerSource: Episode 66Tweet
If you were the ruler of any fictional land, where would it be, who would be your second, and what you be your first order of business?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 61Tweet
If you could own any spaceship from any franchise, any movie, any thing, what spaceship would it be?~Quinn RollinsSource: Episode 270Tweet
What's the strangest food combination you've ever eaten (in the spirit of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)?~Geek KaySource: Episode 248Tweet
With the latest Ghostbusters, there's been the return of Ecto cooler, what TV or movie do you wish had a food tie in and what is it?~Geek KaySource: Episode 238Tweet
What's the strangest thing you remember doing as a kid?~Rondall ScottSource: Episode 51Tweet
First, a little backstory.You committed a very serious crime against the universe. You stood trial before a group of intergalactic elders who found you guilty. As your punishment, the elders decreed that you must adopt, and raise as your own child, one of the following species of baby creatures.
  • A baby Xenomorph (from Aliens movies)
  • A baby Sarlac (from Star Wars universe)
  • A baby Blob (from the movie The Blob)
Choose your adopted baby and explain why you chose that particular creature over the other two choices.
~Kirk HowleSource: Episode 194Tweet
Using the characters from any one TV show, put those characters in a band, describe what kind of music they play, what role each character plays in the band and come up with a title for the first hit single. Keep in mind that the characters don't necessarily have to have gotten along on the show.~Kirk HowleSource: Episode 70Tweet
How many fingers am I holding up?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 152Tweet
Since my episode was about lists, let's carry that over to your episode, if you were in charge of Buzzfeed, what nerdy listicle would you want to write?~Jeff SomogyiSource: Episode 193Tweet
Do you prefer your super heroes with underpants showing or no underpants showing?~Christian NielsenSource: Episode 190Tweet
Who is the best sitcom housekeeper?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 83Tweet
After a night of drinking with George Lucas you are given access to the Star Wars Retcon machine. You now have the power to remove any two of the following three things from the Star Wars mythos midichlorians, Jar Jar Binks, or Ewoks. But the machine has terrible side effect. Whatever element you choose to leave in the mythos will now be retroactively become a major part of the first six movies but the expanded universe. So what do you do hotshot? What do you do?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 160Tweet
Three part question: Which fictional restaurant or bar do you wish you lived close enough to to visit? Whose section would you be seated in and what would be your usual order?~Michael MaySource: Episode 202Tweet
What ryhmes with Evan?~Shawn RobareSource: Episode 197Tweet
If you could live in the world of any movie, what movie would it be?~Geek KaySource: Episode 159Tweet
Which language, real or fictional, would you be most likely to actually study?~Savannah SullivanSource: Episode 101Tweet
What movie are you most looking forward to in 2016?~Michael MaySource: Episode 214Tweet
What is your favorite series finale of all time?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 173Tweet
You can create a band or crimefighting team. Which do you choose and which two robots from any media do you choose to be in your group?~Geek KaySource: Episode 195Tweet
You get a call that they're going to add you to an action figure line. Which do you choose?~Doug FryeSource: Episode 121Tweet
Good news. You will live forever, but to accomplish this your life essence must be placed into a human sized action figure. Due to the expense, you can only have 4 points of articulation. What will they be?~John VanoverSource: Episode 233Tweet
Which food do you think is the biggest turn on and which food is the biggest turn off?~Jasmin FineSource: Episode 114Tweet
Of all the franchises you enjoy, which has your favorite music or theme song and why?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 72Tweet
Name your favorite, least favorite, hated book to movie adaptation?~Kirk HowleSource: Episode 104Tweet
If you could take a property from the 80s/90s that was live action and never got a cartoon, what would you choose and how would you cartoonify it?~Brian AdamsSource: Episode 93Tweet
Who is your favorite fictional princess?~Michael MaySource: Episode 179Tweet
With DC Comics redesigning the Monsters Cereal, which other cereal mascot deserves a redesign? [Note: This was the 100th FCCQ.]~Nick RovoSource: Episode 147Tweet
If you could elect one character from the Hanna Barbera universe to be president of the United States, who would it be and why? Remember that Space Ghost is from another planet and inelegibile to be POTUS.~Doug FryeSource: Episode 260Tweet
To this there's only one correct reply: I love you.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 217Tweet
A malevolent alien force lands on the Earth and threatens to erase civilization unless we give them all but one of our nerdier genres (sci-fi, fantasy, horror as examples). Erasing all of them from our past, present and future. Which genre would you save?~Todd RogersSource: Episode 174Tweet
So, Disneyland recently added a Star Wars overlay to Space Mountain, and they’re also reworking the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror out in California as a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. If you had to make a similar update to a theme park attraction, what ride would you pick, and what property would you add?~Mike WestfallSource: Episode 245Tweet
Good news, you're going on a trip. You can either go 20 years into the future or 220 years into the future. But the bad news is you're not coming back from this trip.~Geek KaySource: Episode 174Tweet
If you could form a five-person super hero team from all universes, who would be on it and why?~Stephen DupuySource: Episode 148Tweet
Who are you going to call? So the question is, what supernatural eliminators would you call if you were being haunted? It could be the Ghostbusters, the Ghost Hunters, the Filmation Ghostbusters, the female Ghostbusters, whoever. Let us know.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 203Tweet
What is an event in your past that made you realize you are a geek/nerd and you are okay with that?~Mark DurySource: Episode 80Tweet
In the vein of AfterMASH, what is another show that needs After____?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 182Tweet
If you got to move to a galaxy far, far away and you had to get a job to make some money, what job would you do?~Geek KaySource: Episode 187Tweet
What is the most boring of board games?~Andrew BloomSource: Episode 152Tweet
This is merely information and will allow the listeners to judge you accordingly. I'm sure you've sold things on ebay so when you're packing up the things you're selling what kind of person are you? Do you pack up the box with bubble wrap, pack the box with styrofoam packing peanuts, or old newspaper you have rotting in your basement?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 252Tweet
If you could travel back in time and see any band live, what band would it be?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 215Tweet
You're getting an all expense paid trip to the worldwide destination on your choosing. The only catch is that you must spend every waking moment with either a former or current host of the popular television game show, Family Feud. This means you could travel with Richard Dawnson, Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, John O'Hurley, or Steve Harvey. Who are you taking with you?~Tim LybargerSource: Episode 113Tweet
Leftover pizza, do you reheat it or do just eat it cold?~Jess PrylesSource: Episode 167Tweet
From television, film comics or books, which fictional food do you wish was real?~Todd RogersSource: Episode 261Tweet
As winter turns to spring, I look forward to Shamrock Shakes and Girl Scout Cookies, but what I want to know is: What popular, seasonal food or drink from any time of year do you hate?~Mike WestfallSource: Episode 264Tweet
There were a lot of different tie-in products that tie in with Star Wars. There was a prequel tie-in product that was a Jar Jar sucker where you licked his tongue. What's the weirded tie-in product you've ever seen?~Geek KaySource: Episode 202Tweet
You have to live the rest of your life in one of the boring Sunday comic strips: Which do you choose: Mary Worth, Family Circus, or Brenda Starr?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 198Tweet
What is your geek new year's resolution?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 67Tweet
Who is your favorite villain either from TV, comics, movies or whatever and why?~Michael MaySource: Episode 208Tweet
If you could pluck any deceased actor from the timestream, who would you pick and what genre of film would you put them in?~Michael MaySource: Episode259Tweet
You are the architect of a giant cereal mascot crossover. Who is the big bad? Who will heroically die?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 237Tweet
If you were to bring back any property from your childhood and make a live action feature of it, what would it be, how would you do it?~Classick MateriaSource: Episode 137Tweet
What is your favorite monkey movie and why?~Brian AdamsSource: Episode 95Tweet
If you had to possess a copy of the Neverending Story from the movie of the same or the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter, which would you choose?~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 263Tweet
In the star trek universe, what is your favorite starship and why?~William Bruce WestSource: Episode 239Tweet
Nerd Lunch inspired by the Monkees have decided to put together a pre-fab band, and you’re in charge of assembling them. The band must designed to appeal to the average Nerd Lunch listener, So the band must contain 4 members and must have the following 1 James Bond, 1 Muppet, 1 Saturday Morning Cartoon Character and 1 Food Related Mascot. Who makes up your band? What is their name? What is the title of their debut album? and the title of the first hit single?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 198Tweet
A video game is made where they have to travel through your neuroses and character flaws. What weapon does character take along with them, who is the final boss and how are they defeated?~Claymation WerewolfSource: Episode 122Tweet
You have been transported into the film Cannonball Run. You take the place of one of the characters. Which one and why?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 216Tweet
In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary if you could hang out with any Star Trek captain, who would it be and why? If you’re not a Trek fan, please now allow the Nerd Lunch crew to laugh at and mock you.~Robert ZerbeSource: Episode 246Tweet
If an enemy wanted to torture, what song would they blast on repeat?~Jess PrylesSource: Episode 149Tweet
What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you for it?~Nick ChipmanSource: Episode 56Tweet
What is your oldest T-shirt that you still currently wear? Describe it.~Aaron NixSource: Episode 79Tweet
A family member finds a large stash of your favorite childhood toy which just so happens to be very collectible, do you tell them how valuable it is and help them sell it or do you lie and offer to take that junk off their hands?~DubbaSource: Episode 163Tweet
You have to live the rest of your life with a fictional dog, which do you choose and why?~Evan HansonSource: Episode 255Tweet
We’ve been bestowed this thing called social media and we’ve been told we’re entitled to share our opinions. But I have held back my opinion at times because I don’t really feel like getting involved in stupid altercations. If you can reveal to us a recent opinion that you may have had where you held back on social media because you didn’t want to cause an uproar, we’d like to hear it. Personally I share one with you. One of the unpopular opinions I’ve had recently is that I’m not in favor of the Monster Cereal election thing they’re doing now. They’re having an election between the Monster Cereal mascots and I think its kind of dumb because it has nothing to do with Halloween or horror movies. And it doesn’t really make me feel like it’s the season. I want to see spooky stuff; I don’t want to talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So share with us one of your recent unpopular opinions on social media.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 244Tweet
Is there one remake or rebooted movie, already made or upcoming, that you will refuse to watch?~Jason GrossSource: Episode 219Tweet
The draft is reinstated and you are called to war. Luckily a Don Knotts television-wizard gives you the option to serve your tour in a fictional TV or film military branch of your choosing. Where would you serve?~Todd RogersSource: Episode 253Tweet
TV detectives, there sure have been a lot of them, but which one is your favorite and why?~Rob GrahamSource: Episode 188Tweet
Let’s imagine you were shrunken down like antman or atom or if your old like me, like the Szalinkski’s from honey i shrunk the kids, more specifically we’ll say you’re 3 and 3 quarter inches and you find yourself stranded in your home or apartment wading through the high pile late ‘70s gold carpet. What action figure playset would you wish was still lying around somewhere on the floor in the den for you to take refuge? Remember, this isn’t necessarily your favorite, but you need to think like a real estate agent for a second. What features appeal to you the most? Perhaps this is a playset that wouldn’t have been caught dead playing with as a kid, but in 2015 when you're shrunken down to the size of a Kenner action figure, you might damn well hate yourself for not begging your mom for it back then. OR it might be a modern day playset which you bought for your kids, who knows. Either way, just remember, you may be stuck in it for a long time, so choose wisely.~Jay RyanSource: Episode 191Tweet
Looking back, what is the most embarassing Halloween costume you've ever worn?~Dinosaur DraculaSource: Episode 153Tweet
Which DC, Marvel or any other super hero should definitely not have a movie made of them?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 143Tweet
TV sitcoms always had those special episodes where they went on vacation such as Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Full House, etc. In this scenario, you're going to take an all-expense paid vacation to the destination of your choice, with or without your significant other or family. You get to bring along a TV sitcom family or the main cast of a show, past or present. Where do you want to go and who do you want to bring?~Jay RyanSource: Episode 146Tweet
What are you most excited about for 2016?~Michael DiGiovanniSource: Episode 211Tweet
You're visiting a friend and staying overnight in their spareroom which also houses their statue collection. While putting on your PJs that night you accidentally bump one of the statues and break off an arm. There's super glue in the room, do you fix the statue and confess or not confess it?~John VanoverSource: Episode 224Tweet
Do you think John Chu is the guy to revitalize the 80s cartoon franchises for movies?~Doug FryeSource: Episode 68Tweet
When I was a kid, there was a show called Challenge of the Super Friends. It's horrible, but as a kid, I thought it was great. My parents wanted to change the channel. When you were a kid, what show was it that you wanted to watch, but your parents begged you to turn off or outright vetoed?~Thom HolbrookSource: Episode 266Tweet