Nerd Lunch started as a blog and has been producing a podcast for over five years. However, we have dipped our toes into other media including videos and a web comic. This page serves as an archive of those great projects as well as photo galleries of our various meet ups over the years.




Before the podcast, CT joined with Savannah Sullivan to produce a series of videos showcasing the ‘nerdy’ and ‘lunchy’ things in Tallahassee. The show lasted three episodes but they remain up for all to enjoy along with versions with commentary tracks (featuring CT and Savannah).


Produced as a gag, CT quickly shot and edited this the same weekend as SDCC 2010.

Photo Galleries

The Nerd Lunch crew and the Fourth Chair Army live all over the country, but have on occasion met up. Enjoy these photo galleries documenting the good times had by all.

CT & Pax Meet at the Auto Museum

Nerd Lunch Goes to Atlanta 2014

C2E2 2015

CT Goes to Texas 2015

Dragon Con 2016

Other Random Meetups

“Snipes” Web Comic

Nerd Lunch was host to a weekly web comic written and illustrated by Bill Wiist. The comic is called “Snipes” and stars a character named Donny Snipes. But even more exciting, the supporting cast is made up of characters who are named and look like those associated with Nerd Lunch. The digital flipbook below collects the entire Snipes web comic into one book.


The Nerd Lunch Burger

Nick from creates a burger inspired by the podcast.

Tallahassee Magazine

CT was featured in Tallahassee Magazine. Photo by Matt Burke.

Nerd Rage, Doctor Who and Sonic Screwdrivers

The time we upset one of our guests for having a different opinion than she did, so she wrote an article about it on Wired.

West Week Ever

When Nerd Lunch was awarded the elusive “West Week Ever” from William Bruce West.

The Hottest Geek Guys of Winter 2012

During the Winter of 2012, CT was proclaimed one of the “Hottest Geek Guys.”