For those of you who are tiring of Brucetober, have we got a special announcement for you. The entire Nerd Lunch podcasting crew was invited to join the fellas over on The Nosh Show podcast for their show that is available as of now! The show regularly includes Marvo of The Impulsive Buy, Eric from Junk Food Guy, Ryan from GrubGrade, and former Fourth Chair guest of ours Dubba from On Second Scoop.

On this episode, we did some of the usual Nosh Show activities like “Nosh or Not,” “Let’s Chew on This,” and “Nosh of the Week.”

With seven people on one podcast, I expected it to be a bit crazier than it actually turned out to be. I think a good time was had by all and I look forward to the next team-up of our two podcasts!