After having had Doug, Matt and Kirk on Nerd Lunch so many times, it was a goal to be able to join the guys on Schlock Treatment. The only catch is that they record their show in person which would mean I would need to be in New York City at the time of their recording. Well, it just so happened that a work trip took me to NYC and so I had to meet up with these guys and join their show.

They were gracious enough to let me choose the movie we would discuss and I thought the Nic Cage classic (ha) Next would be a fun thing to bat about with the guys.

Marc McDonald is no longer on the show, but he hung around until after the recording and we all got dinner together. And I was treated to my very own personal episode of Schlock Treatment. Well, that’s how it seemed. It was really just the way these guys hang out together. Such a fun experience and a memory I’ll always treasure.

From Schlock Treatment’s description of the episode:

Because Matt and Doug hate Schlocktober, we reserve the right to pause it at any given moment. So it is a happy coincidence that CT of  Nerd Lunch finally made his way to New York and headed down to Schlock Treatment headquarters to join us for the Nic Cage time-bending, Philip K. Dick based…


CT joins us for the first time!

Kirk is back!

Doug poses his Unified Theory of Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas Movies!

Matt talks about how he invented trolling in an AOL dos chatroom.

Next week: For November. we’re determined to destroy your childhood just like your family does over the Thanksgiving dinner table…ONE CLASSIC MOVIE AT A TIME. First up, we’re going after the very topical Back to the Future starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Listen in the player below: