In addition to the UnderScoopFire crew being on Nerd Lunch this week, we were also on their show as a part of a crossover event. Check out USF 147.

From their episode description:

In what some are calling the most important event in human history, the cast of Nerd Lunch and the cast of UnderScoopFire have come together at last, Mega-Powers handshaking their way to an epic two-hour podcast event! UnderNerdScoopLunchFire (or UNSLF for short, which admittedly kind of sounds more like an international charity or a defunct football league than a podcast) brings together 6 cast members, over 350 combined episodes, multiple gimmicks and countless ounces of machismo. Download the first hour on the UnderScoopFire iTunes or Buzzsprout feed, or listen below or via Stitcher, and be sure to check out Nerd Lunch for the entire crossover experience!