What do CT, Jeeg and Pax all have in common? They were guests on Mystery Movie Night!

Fourth Chair Army member and co-host of CT and Pax on other podcasts, Michael May, has a another podcast he’s been doing for just over a year called Mystery Movie night. It is a movie discussion show where three movies, seemingly picked at random, are discussed. However, there is a connection between the three. It could be an actor, a prop, a line of dialogue, music or something else crazy. The podcasters have to guess the connection at the end.

CT guested on episode 4 where the movies were Cannonball Run, Fellowship of the Ring and Matrix Revolutions.

Paxton Holley guested on episode 6 where the movies were The Uninvited, Konga and Get Carter (1971).

Jeeg guested on episode 8 where the movies were Flash Gordon, Highlander, and Revenge of the Nerds.

It’s a fun show. Check out our episodes and all their others today!