I recently had the chance to join James Patrick on the Cinema Shame podcast. This is a relatively new show, but it combines the idea of “nerd confessions” and “does it live up to the hype” but mixes some good deep analysis in for good measure. My impression is that each show can take a different direction depending on what the guest wants to do. James and I discussed a few ideas for this show but when we landed on what probably was my biggest “cinema shame” (the fact I had never seen The Godfather movies), that was the obvious choice. So what did I think of a 45-year-old movie at this point? Well, you can listen and find out.

From the episode description:
Carlin Trammel (@nerdlunch) confesses his sins against cinema. My guest today runs the SHAME! gauntlet to discuss his resistance to watching the Godfather and how he overcame that barrier with a little help from Cinema Shame. We talk about the film’s cultural omnipresence, the state of the Godfather as a “man’s movie,” play the Shamely Feud and discuss the moral compass of Don Vito Corleone.