Our friend and yours, Mike Westfall, has started a new Christmas special-themed podcast. CT had the fortune to join Mike on the second episode of the show to discuss Muppet Family Christmas. Now we discussed this special on Nerd Lunch before but for Mike’s podcast, we might have drill down so far that we found Fraggles. It was a fun show and I invite you to check it out along with the other episodes he’s released.

From the show notes:

To mark the 30th anniversary of “A Muppet Family Christmas,” Carlin Trammel from the Nerd Lunch Podcast drops by as we try to get a head count of how many Muppets can fit inside one farmhouse.

Talking Points
  • Just how many unexpected guests did Fozzie’s mom host on Christmas Eve?
  • We try and pick up the pieces cut from the DVD release over music rights
  • The dizzying continuity issues surrounding the Muppet Babies
  • Can you say “OshKosh B’gosh”?
  • A Milk PSA and the most forward-thinking bullies in history
  • Osvaldo el Gruñón, Oscar the Grouch’s Puerto Rican counterpart
  • Parting words from that guy with the beard doing the dishes