I joined the guys at SequelQuest recently to create a pitch for the sequel to 1980’s Flash Gordon film. Anyone who knows me knows that I love this film so I was all over this. I pitched it and included a small pitch for it’s sequel just to complete the trilogy. It was a lot of fun and the other guys had some great ideas, too. Check it out.

From the show notes:

Flash (Ah-Ahhh!) Gordon hit theaters in 1980 to little fanfare, but is most remembered for the awesome soundtrack by rock group, Queen. Outlandish costumes and a wacky performances from cast members like Sam J. Jones, Brian Blessed and Max Von Sydow have made the movie a cult classic among fans of so bad it’s good cinema over the years . And despite a comedic return appearance in Seth McFarlane’s Ted movies, we still haven’t gotten a follow-up film.

Only the SequelQuest crew of Adam, Jeff and Jeramy, along with our mighty guest host Carlin Trammel of the Nerd Lunch podcast (http://nerdlunch.net/podcast/) are brave enough to attempt a return to Mongo for an exploration of whether or not, “Gordon’s Alive” and where his adventures have taken him.

This energetic conversation deals not only in hypothetical plot scenarios, but also the history of Flash Gordon in animation and ideas for fast food tie-in promotions and toys that should have existed in the 80’s. Plus, you won’t want to miss our special intro theme that kicks the show off into a new universe. Listen now and find out who becomes king of the impossible!