Nerd Lunch Podcast 19: Drill Down on Soda

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 19: Drill Down on Soda

Podcast regular Shawn Robare occupies the fourth chair for a discussion of sodas, pops, fizzy drinks, cokes, or whatever you might call them. We kick around our favorite and most hated carbonated beverages, wade into the cola wars, and talk about ill conceived soda disasters. Crystal Pepsi, anyone? Plus in the Nerd To-Do List, we finally get an Earthworm Jim reference and CT’s review of the Green Lantern movie.

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  1. Lehman February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    this needs to be investigated. i am too chicken to try it. you or Pax need to drink this and report back.

    Dr. Mike

  2. Chrisloc1701 February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Excellent episode guys. In my neck of the woods we refer to soda as 'pop'. Usually when someone says soda they are referring to 'club soda'. A few thoughts:

    – my favorite pop would have to be 'Dr Pepper', for a while at 'Red Robins' restaurant they had Dr Pepper on tap which was awesome, but they have swtched to 'Coke' products now and no more Dr Pepper on tap… 😥

    – But I do enjoy both Coke and Pepsi products. We drink a lot of 'diet pepsi' in our house because that is what my wife prefers.

    – I do love Mountain Dew, but we haven't been getting the 'other' dew products here. There was a blue and red dew for a while but now all we've been getting is the original green.

    – Speaking of green another favorite pop of mine is Crush Lime.

    – I love grapefruit pop, including Fresca. But I have been unable to enjoy them these past 5 years because of the medication I'm on which specifically states no grapefruit of grapefruit products. It really sucks.

    – When talking about carbonated beverages I often think about carbonated water. Aside from 'club soda' there is not much in the way of carbonated water available here, but when I went to Germany in 2001 carbonated water was everywhere. I hate carbonated water and don't understand why it seems popular in Germany. When at a restaurant I ordered a water and got a cup of this stuff, I actually had to explain to the waiter I just wanted a glass of tap water. Weird stuff. And when in Germany Coke products were everywhere, Pepsi was very hard to find. And my friends family in Germany all preferred Coke products over Pepsi. They said Pepsi products were 'too sweet' .

    – I drink less pop at home now because my kids are getting older and they can consume a lot of pop, especially if your not paying attention. We try and limit them to 1 a day but at times they seem to find ways around that rule, and on more than one occasion I have went to grab a pop from the fridge to find none… So I tend to drink more beer now at home because no one in my house drinks my beers on me.

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